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How SEBI's new proposal could impact your Mutual Fund investments

India’s Security and Exchange Board’s (SEBI) is proposing to cut the current number of mutual fund schemes available to investors. Here’s what you need to know.

Your tax-free gratuity could double if this new amendment is passed

A new amendment on the Payment of Gratuity Bill could see an increase of tax free gratuity to Rs. 20 lakh, which would prove a huge benefit for private and public employees.

ETFs: 6 Reasons they make an excellent instrument for investors

ETFs are becoming an increasingly popular way to invest for most people, and here’s why.

All You Need to Know About Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

One of the 7 major car insurance riders every car owner must know, is the Zero Depreciation Cover which can ensure you receive higher compensation in case of damage


6 Documents that must be linked with your Aadhaar card

There are several documents you need to link to your Aadhaar card. Here’s what you must know about them.

6 Motor Insurance terms you must know before you claim

ODP insures your vehicles against losses caused by events outside of your control. This includes natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes, as well as man-made calamities like fires and explosions.

Tax Benefits after Retirement

The law grants tax exemptions on retirement benefits like PF, pension, gratuity and other retirement benefits. Learn more about the applicable rules to avoid tax hassles in your retired life.

List of things to do and consider before you buy a two wheeler in India

Beyond popular opinion, here is a list of questions you must ask before deciding to purchase a motor bike or scooter in India.

8 reasons to buy insurance online

8 smart reasons to buy insurance online!

Girish Sharma: The torch bearer for differently abled sportspersons in India

After representing India in Badminton on an international stage, Girish Sharma now hopes to change the fate of other disabled sportspersons.

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