7 Most expensive car crashes

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7 Most expensive car crashes

27 November 2015
Any car can meet with an accident, no matter how careful you are. However, unlike a regular car, when luxury car is involved in an accident the expense is beyond imagination.

Who doesn’t want to own a luxury car?

However, the more costly the car, the more costly the repairs.

Buying a luxury car costs a fortune, and if the car meets with an accident, getting it repaired costs accordingly. Hence, buying a comprehensive car insurance cover becomes even more necessary if you are buying a luxury car.

Here we’ve listed some of the most expensive and interesting car accidents to have ever occurred to give an idea about the monetary damages such accidents can cause.

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1. Most expensive car crash of all time

This mother of all car crashes took place in Japan in December 2011 and involved eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini, and one Mercedes-Benz. The cars were over speeding on a freeway in western Japan when the driver of the Ferrari in the front lost control. The trailing luxury cars did not get any time to apply the brakes and a chain reaction of one car hitting another lead to a massive pileup. With an estimated damage of $4 million (Rs 26.5 crores), the crash was dubbed as world’s most expensive car crash by the Japanese media back in 2011.

2. Ferrari Enzo crash in Malibu

In 2006, a Swedish businessman called Bo Stefan Eriksson while driving his $1.5 million (approximately Rs 10 crore) worth Ferrari on the Pacific Coast highway in Malibu at a speed of 196 mph (315 kmph), lost control of his car and hit a pole. He, however, claimed that he was in the passenger seat while the car was instead being driven by a German who ran and fled into the hills. He was charged with drunken driving and was deported back to Sweden in 2008.

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3. Vintage Ferrari GTO car crash

What makes this car crash interesting is the fact that the car in question was a vintage car. The car, a 1962 Ferrari GTO, belonged to millionaire investor Christopher Cox. He was driving his vintage beauty in a rally in France when he was hit by another car from behind just as he was turning. The impact made the car crash ahead and shattered its front. The value of the vintage car, which was one among the only 38 Ferrari GTOs manufactured between 1962 and 1964, was estimated to be more than $30 million (approx. Rs 200 crores).

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4. Bugatti Veyron that was only a week old

41 year old Kumar Soni from Surrey must have had no idea how dearly it would cost him to lend his one week old Bugatti Veyron to his younger brother. Ajay Soni, the younger brother in question, was racing the expensive car at 100 mph (160 kmph) in heavy rain when he collided into a Vauxhall Astra. The luxury car which was among the 100 manufactured out of the 300 planned productions, was estimated to be worth £830,000 (Rs 8.32 crores).

5. Mr. Bean’s twice crashed McLaren F1

Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson’s bought his McLaren F1 in 1997 for £540,000 (Rs 5.41 crores). He crashed his car twice, with the second crash being quite in the news back in 2011 due to his insurance claim of £910,000 (Rs 9.12 crores), which was declared as being the highest claim in Britain. The repair of the car took a year and the insurers took nearly eight months to approve the pay-out. In June 2015, Atkinson sold this car for a whopping £8 million (Rs 80 crores).

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6. The Bugatti-Veyron that drove into a lake

In November 2009, a man called Andy House drove his Bugatti Veyron into a lake in Texas. The car was insured for an estimated worth of $2.2 million (Rs 14.59 crores). However, the insurer rejected the claim alleging that the entire accident was staged only to claim the hefty insurance amount. It also alleged that before the accident, House tried to claim insurance by asking a man to torch the car. The insurer hence requested a civil court to dismiss Andy’s claim.

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7. Not safe even in a garage

Dutch Positive Thinking guru Emile Ratelband owned a 1992 model of Bugatti EB110 that was worth $600000 (Rs 4 crores). He had taken the car to a garage for its annual check-up. Now the garage is one place where you would least expect your car to meet with an accident.  However, in this case, the mechanic, while test driving the vehicle, rammed the car into a pole after skidding over oil slick. Thankfully for Emile, the car was insured.

We sincerely hope that you buy your dream luxury car one day. And even though we would hope that you always have a safe journey with your luxury car, don’t forget to buy an insurance cover when you buy the car. You will be paying a fortune for it anyway, so why not pay a little extra and secure it?


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