Unconventional Mother’s Day gifts for your mother

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Unconventional Mother’s Day gifts for your mother

11 May 2017
This Mother's Day, forget the usual flowers and cakes, and go with something unconventional, but more long lasting.

The gift of a mother’s love is second to none, and Mother’s Day is, perhaps, the best occasion to celebrate this love. But she deserves so much more than an off-the-rack greeting card and a ‘World’s Best Mom’ coffee mug, don't you think? Why not do something unusual this year? Get your mother a different kind of gift, and watch her swell with pride and joy.

1.    Gold that glitters forever

What better gift for the woman with a heart of gold? Jewellery is always a great option, sure, and while gold prices fluctuate, the value always remains high. It could also be a beautiful piece to add to her collection of finery. But more modern investment options such as gold ETFs can offer stability and grow her wealth! This is a type of dematerialised gold that can be stored in electronic form in a demat account. What makes Gold ETFs so great?

·        You pay for the exact amount of gold that you buy, even if it’s as little as one gram.

·        Unlike jewellery, there are no making charges involved.

·        You can sell it at market value when necessary.

You can invest as much as you want in Gold ETFs. The best part? Your mother can liquidate the investment any time she chooses, and can use the money to buy new jewellery or anything else she wants.

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2.      Take care of her like she does for you

As your mother ages, it is likely she will need extra care. A comprehensive health insurance policy can ensure she has the necessary protection. It can cover pre-and post hospitalisation costs, and expenses related to medicines, doctor fees, room charges etc. In some cases, it can also cover diagnostic tests, which can prevent the onset of serious conditions, thus shielding her from unforeseen circumstances. Even if there is a critical illness involved, you can still ensure she has adequate cover. By ensuring the financial aspect of her healthcare is taken care of, she has one less thing to worry about. In case your mother already has some medical conditions, be sure to consider pre-existing medical conditions.

3.    Show her the world

When you were young, your mother probably gave up vacations because you had school or for other reasons. Now that she is free from those responsibilities, why not send her on a week-long trip to any place she loves?  If you are planning an international trip for her, don’t forget travel insurance, which can ensure a complete package where she will not have to worry about anything. And try your level best to make time to travel with her, if she so desires!

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4.    Get her a gift that keeps on giving

You might be tempted to splurge on an expensive gift for your mom. But why not get her a gift that keeps on giving, like an investment? Now, stocks, though highly profitable, can be confusing and risky for even the most advanced investors. Why not explore other equity investments such as a mutual fund that let her take advantage of the benefits of the stock market while an expert manages her portfolio? You can even consider buying shares in an IPO. However, ensure you do adequate research on the same, before making the investment. Also consider ULIPs, which combine investment and insurance in one reliable financial instrument.

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5.    Pay her bills for the month

Celebrate Mother’s Month, instead of just Mother’s Day! It could be the rent, EMIs, or even utility bills. She can use the saved money to pamper herself. Besides, she will be proud to know that you can now shoulder enough responsibility to manage a household, even if it's just for a month. It’s the gift of assurance.

6.    Enrol her in a hobby class

Since your very first breath, you have always been her number one priority. She never had spare time to pursue her hobbies. This is the time to let her. Look for classes that she likes; it could be baking, yoga, pottery, photography or anything else. Enrol her in a class of her choice and let her hone her skills and talents. This is something that she probably wouldn’t do for herself, but it will be a great way for her to spend her time.

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Remember, Mother's Day is just one day to show your love, but the right gift can ensure that every day, of every year, is special for the woman who is most important to you.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only, and should not be construed as investment, insurance, tax or legal advice. You are encouraged to separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.

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