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Travel insurance exclusions in India

05 April 2016
No insurance policy offers absolute coverage. All travel insurance plans exclude specific events and risks from coverage. You should know these exclusions to avoid complications when filing claims on your travel policy.

It is important to note that there are specific exclusions that your travel insurance policy won’t cover. Being aware of these exclusions will help you avoid complications like rejected claims at a later date.

Travel Policy Exclusions

The exclusions can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Specified medical issues and complications
  2. Military or terrorist hostility
  3. Loss attributable to the insured’s actions

Specified Medical Issues and Complications

Travel insurance coverage does not normally extend to loss or health issues suffering by sick or ill individuals traveling for medical treatment. Any medical complication arising out of a pre-existing condition, congenital anomalies, mental disorder, HIV/AIDS, depression and other specified conditions are excluded from the ambit of the travel coverage. Further, any complication arising or prolonged by pregnancy or childbirth too will be excluded from the policy.

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Military or Terrorist Hostility

Any medical problem or other loss arising out of a hostile act of any military force or terrorists is excluded from the travel cover. Further, even losses caused by retaliatory acts against such hostile activity too shall not be covered. So, inability to catch the flight or any injury suffered in a terrorist attack or the police response to such an attack is excluded from coverage.

Further, any loss or damage caused by nuclear, biological, chemical or other radioactive attacks or accidents will not enable you to claim for compensation or reimbursement under the travel plan.

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Loss Attributable to the Insured’s Actions

It is a well-established rule of insurance that the policy holder is bound to take all possible steps to avoid or mitigate the loss. Your travel insurance will not pay when you miss your flight or suffer an injury due to your fault. Hence, a medical problem arising out of your decision to travel against the advice of your physician will not be covered b y the policy.

Losses or injuries to self or others due to your intoxication with drugs, alcohol or other substances cannot be included in your travel insurance claim. Similarly, participation in a civil violation or a criminal offence that results in losses won’t be covered by the plan.

The policy holder is expected to take reasonable care by avoiding participation in any dangerous or perilous activity. This may include participation in sports like sky diving, parachuting, or even body contact sports without adequate training. These exclusions ensure that the policy, which is designed primarily to compensate the insured for contingencies and unexpected events, does not end up covering risky activities that the policy holder intentionally performs.

The only exception to this rule is if the policy holder participates in a dangerous activity to save a human life. In such cases, the resulting loss or expense may be covered under the travel plan.

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The actual exclusions of your travel policy will be detailed in the policy document. However, the above-mentioned categories cover almost all common travel policy exclusions. Insurance is a contract in good faith where you are bound by law to act in good faith. Knowledge of the exclusions will help you avoid filing claims that are unlikely to be cleared by the insurer.


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