Reliance SBI Credit Cards: Your Shopping Spree Just Got More Rewarding

Reliance gains backdoor access to the Indian credit card industry through co-branding with SBI Cards. Find out all the features and details here.

Reliance SBI Card:

The launch of co-branded credit cards is a common practice. It is a partnership between a specific merchant and the credit card issuing company. Recently, SBI Cards and Reliance Retail have joined hands to offer the Reliance SBI Card and Reliance SBI Card Prime on the RuPay platform.

  • Co-branded cards offer attractive credit card discounts on partner merchant transactions

  • Shopping at Reliance Retail will get more lucrative with these new SBI Cards

  • The cards are available in budget-friendly variants as well as a high-end variant with premium lifestyle features

Attractive Features

Some of the tempting credit card benefits offered by the two Reliance SBI Cards include:

  • Welcome benefits – With the Reliance SBI card, you get Reliance retail discount vouchers of Rs 500. In the Prime variant, it increases to Rs 3,000.

  • Renewal fee waiver – Your annual renewal fee is waived if your total spending during the previous year exceeds Rs 1 lakh. In the Prime variant, this waiver is offered on annual spending of Rs 3 lakh. 

  • Vouchers - You get a Rs 500 Reliance Retail voucher on annual spending of Rs 25,000 on the Reliance SBI card. In the Prime variant, the voucher increases to Rs 1,500 and is offered on annual spending of Rs 75,000.

  • Fuel Surcharge - Both variants have 1% fuel surcharge waivers.

  • Reward points - You get 5 reward points on every Rs 100 spent, except on UPI payments. In the Prime variant, it increases to 10 points for every Rs 100 spent.

  • Offers - With both cards, you get transaction offers at participating Reliance Retail stores.

  • Lounge access - The Prime variant offers 8 domestic and 4 international airport lounge access in a calendar year.

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Key Important Details

Some of the important details of these two Reliance SBI card variants are,

  • The Reliance SBI Card is available for a one-time annual fee of Rs 499, and an annual renewal fee of Rs 499 (excluding taxes).

  • The Reliance SBI Card Prime has a one-time annual fee of Rs 2,999 plus taxes, as is the annual renewal fee.

  • These cards can be used in over 24 million outlets across the world, including 3.25 lakh outlets domestically.

  • You can withdraw cash using these credit cards from over 1 million VISA and Mastercard ATMs globally.

  • You can convert any purchase over Rs 2,500 into easy EMIs and ease your financial planning.

  • You can apply for a free add-on card for your family, against your existing Reliance SBI Card and Reliance SBI Prime Card.


Co-branded credit cards are popular among shoppers who have one or more set patterns in their day-to-day spending. So, if you love to shop at Reliance Retail, these two are quite suitable options. Besides, of course, you get all the regular benefits of credit cards. 

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 Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as insurance or investment or tax or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.


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