What are the benefits of using a Rupay Card? How to apply for Rupay Credit Card?

NPCI has created the latest revolution in payments technology, the Rupay payment network. It powers credit cards and debit cards in India. Know more about it before you get your next credit card.

RBI allows UPI payments via Rupay credit cards

Credit cards come in all types issued by all banks. However, the companies that power the settlement and clearance power all the cards. Visa and Mastercard own a high market share in powering credit card technologies, but now there’s a competitor for them. 

India has launched the Rupay system that will work alongside visa and MasterCard. It is aimed at local usage, and till now, 60.3 crore Rupay credit and debit cards have been issued by different banks. If you are applying for a credit card now, it is the best time to understand Rupay credit cards and choose them over any other thing. Let's start by knowing what are Rupay credit cards.

What Are Rupay Credit Cards?

RuPay is a payment network developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. This is the same entity that has created the UPI system for India. Just like Visa and MasterCard, RuPay will help banks issue credit cards and debit cards and enable people to transact on the network easily. 

Ten big banks use the Rupay system in the country, and they promote the usage of this card to people by giving exciting benefits and rewards. If you are keen to know the benefits of using Rupay, here are some of them. 

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Benefits Of Rupay

Saves Costs

Every year billions of dollars are paid through credit and debit cards, and each transaction has a fee associated with it. With Visa and MasterCard as the market leaders, both the companies earned substantial through these large volumes of transactions. Both the companies are foreign to India, and Indian banks need to pay them in dollars for the settlement of transactions. This was hard for Indian banks, and the transaction costs were also high because of the monopoly. 

Such conditions gave birth to the Rupay payment system, which settles transactions at lesser costs and being developed locally, the transaction costs on such cards are significantly less. 

Faster Payments

Rupay credit cards do not need to connect and communicate with foreign servers to complete transactions, which definitely boosts them. Most Rupay servers will be located in India only, as the company currently caters to Indian customers. No matter what amount you spend, the transaction ends in a snap when on the Rupay network.

Customized For Indians

Rupay is made to cater to tier II and III cities. Being indigenous and local in approach, they've developed a system that promotes small payments by setting them free from high and fixed transaction charges. Moreover, the system is highly scalable, and it will be used even for a decade from here.

Enhanced Security

NPCI knows the types of frauds and security issues that happen in India and keeping that in mind, they've developed a secure payment network. Rupay is designed with highly secure practices, and this reflects in its payment processing. Rupay network has the ability to reverse and even freeze transactions when any complaint is received. If you are using the Rupay network, sit back and relax, your transactions are safe. 

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Types Of Rupay Credit Cards


As the name suggests, this is the classic credit card powered by Rupay that anyone can get. The card comes with lesser offers, and it also has pretty low joining and annual renewal fees. Moreover, the limits on such cards are less because they are aimed at everyday users. 


Platinum is a level up card that provides users with attractive benefits and discounts at partner stores. The Rupay network is already pretty strong, and it makes sense in getting a platinum card so that you can have benefits like airport lounge access, discounts, cash back on purchases, reward points, and even fuel surcharges. 


Select Rupay cards are luxurious Rupay cards that come with the best benefits in the market. These cards can provide you with high reward points on each purchase, and you can use those points to shop online, book a flight, or even pay for your hotel and resort expenses. These cards are lifestyle cards, and they have pretty strict approval policies so that only the elites get it. 

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One added benefit of Rupay Credit/debit cards is that they are completely compatible with UPI payments, and RBI also allows for such type of payments. This means that now you no longer  need to have a savings account for UPI usage. Currently banks such as SBI, HDFC, PNB, Union Bank, Yes Bank and many more offer the Rupay credit and debit cards with all the functionalities.

No matter which type of Rupay credit card you use, the trust and security of the network will always be the same. Moreover, you'll be promoting Atmanirbhar Bharat by using the domestic payment network. So why wait? Get your Rupay card today.


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