Best credit cards with no joining or annual fees in India 2022

Choosing the right credit card is essential. From considerable interest rates to annual charges, many cards come with exciting offers and rewards points.

 credit cards in India

With the number of Credit Card options available in the market, choosing the right credit card becomes very important. To pick the right one, you must consider many things, like interest rates, insurance, and free credit periods. It is also essential to check if the credit card offers any rewards or additional benefits. Here is a list of the top 10 credit cards with no joining charges or annual fees. You can easily manage them by using helpful credit card managing apps.


HSBC Visa Platinum is one of the best credit card choices. These cards offer many rewards and discounts on spending. There are also many travel benefits.

HSBC Card features-

  •  The interest rate on HSBC cards is 3.3% per month. 
  • There will not be any charges if you lose the card. 
  • The insurance also provides a cover of over Rs. 3 Lakh for misuse for upto 24 hours before reporting. 

Extra benefits- 

  • HSBC cards also offer Swiggy and Amazon gift cards. 
  • They provide air miles conversion on InterMiles, Singapore Airlines, British Highways, etc. 
  • HSBC credit cards provide Emergency cash. 


IDFC offers four free credit cards. There is also no joining on credit cards. These are one of the best free credit cards available with reward points and exciting offers. The interest rate on IDFC credit cards is 0.75-3.5% per month. 

IDFC Credit Card Features- 

  • iDFC Credit cards provide accident cover of upto Rs. 1 crore. 
  • They give personal accident coverage of Rs. 10 Lakhs and lost card cover of Rs. 50,000.
  • The reward system of IDFC cards is one reward point per 100 spent. So an amount of Rs. 0.25 at every Rs. 100 spent. 
  • Depending on offline and online transactions, there are also 3X and 6X reward points. 

Extra features provided by IDFC Credit Cards

  • They provided upto 20% discount at over a thousand restaurants. Then upto 15% discount at over three thousand health outlets. 
  • They also provide four complimentary domestic and railway lounges per quarter. 


IDFC First Select is another lifetime free credit card with no annual or joining fees. The interest rate on First Select is 0.75-3.5% per month. 

First Select Features-

  • They give an air accident insurance cover of Rs. 1 crore with Rs. 5 lakh personally and Rs. 50,000 card liability cover. 
  • They also provide comprehensive travel insurance of Rs. 22,500. 

Extra Features-

  • The reward points are the same as IDFC First Wealth. 
  • They offer complimentary roadside assistance worth Rs.1399. 

4. Kotak 811# DreamDifferent 

The Kotak DreamDifferent card has no joining fee and many reward programs and benefits. The interest rate of Kotak 811 Credit Cards is 3.5% per month. 

Kotak 811# Dream Different Features- 

  • They provide coverage of Rs. 50,000 for misuse up to 7 days before reporting the stolen card. 
  • Users also get two reward points on every spending of Rs. 100 online and 1 point on every Rs. 100 spent offline. 
  • There are also no annual fees on Kotak 811. 

Extra features- 

  • They provide cash Withdrawals upto 90% with no interest charges for 48 days. 
  • Users also get a cashback of Rs. 750 or 4 PVR tickets annually after spending Rs. 75,000. 
  • There is a 1% fuel surcharge waiver of Rs. 500-3000 on all petrol pumps. 

5. Amazon Pay ICICI Bank

The ICICI Bank Amazon cards are a very beneficial offer for users who spend majorly online. This card is good for you if you're a prime member. There is also no annual fee, and it is one of the best credit cards in India with no joining fee. The interest on these cards is between 3.5%-3.8% per month.

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Features-

  • They offer frequent reward earnings that can be used on Amazon on over ten crore products. 
  • Their one reward point value is Rs. 1. 

Extra Features- 

  • There is 1% cashback on all spending.
  • Amazon Prime Members get a cashback of upto 5% on Amazon purchases. 
  • Apart from that, there is a 15% discount offer at over two thousand restaurants and a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all petrol pumps. 

 How to choose the right credit card

6. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip 

The Platinum Chip card comes with no joining fee and no annual fee. The interest rate on these cards is 3.4% per month.  

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip features

  • They offer two reward points on every spending of Rs.100 on all transactions except fuel. 
  • Customers get one reward point on every transaction of Rs. 100 on fuel. 

Extra Features-

  • The Credit Card allows users to get discounts up to 15% at more than two thousand restaurants in 12 cities. 
  • Customers can also get a 1% fuel waiver on up to Rs. 4000 at every HPCL pump. 

7. Bank of Baroda Prime

The Bank of Baroda Prime card is a free credit card with no annual or joining fees. You can apply for this card without income proof after a fixed deposit of Rs. 15000 or more. The interest on the Bank of Baroda Prime card is 3.25% per month.

Bank of Baroda Credit card Features-

  • Customers will have to give zero liability on fraudulent transactions if they report the card immediately.
  • Bank of Baroda cards also offers free personal accidental death cover. 
  • They provide four reward points for every Rs. 100 spent. 

 Extra features- 

  • They provide 1% cashback on all spending. 
  • Any purchase of more than three thousand can be converted into EMI. 
  • They give three-lifetime free credit cards to parents, spouses, and children over 18 years of age. 
  • They give interest-free credit upto 50 days from the day of the transaction. 

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8. IDBI Aspire Platinum

The IDBI Aspire Platinum is one of the best credit cards in India with no annual fee. The interest rate on Aspire Platinum Card is 2.9% per month. There are also many reward offers, although they do not provide any insurance cover. 

IDBI Aspire Platinum Credit Card Features

  • Customers get two reward points for every Rs. 150 spendings on travelling, dining, and shopping.
  • They offer an interest-free period of 48 days. 

 Extra Features 

  • They offer a fuel surcharge waiver of 1% at all petrol pumps on spending between Rs.400-4000. 
  • They give many discounts on airports, car rentals, hotels etc. 

9. Axis Bank Select 

Axis Bank Select Credit Card is one of the best cards, but you need to be eligible to get one of these. You need a Burgundy Savings account with a net monthly credit of 3 Lakh to become eligible. If you are eligible, you can avail many offers and benefits like an Amazon Voucher of Rs. 2000 on your first card transaction. The interest rate on Axis Bank Credit Card is 3.6% per month. 

 Axis Bank Select Features 

  • They give 10 Axis Edge Reward Points for every Rs. 200 spent. 
  • Along with that, your customers also get 2X reward points for every retail shop of Rs.200.
  • They provide an air accident cover of Rs. 2.5 crore. 
  • The Purchase protection cover offered by Axis Card is Rs. 1 Lakh. 

 Extra Features

  • They offer discounts of 20% on upto Rs. 500 purchases per month, with a minimum order value of Rs. 2000 from Big Basket. 
  • A swiggy discount of 40% of up to 200. 
  • Along with many discounts, customers can also avail of six complimentary golf rounds per year. 
  • The card offers Rs. 300 off on booking tickets from BookMyShow. 
  • Along with that, there's also a Priority Pass membership with six international lounge visits per year. 
  • Five thousand edge points on spending Rs. 3 Lakh in the anniversary year. 

10. DhanLaxmi Bank Platinum

DhanLaxmi Credit Cards come with excellent travel insurance and cashback offers. The cards are free from any annual fee or joining charges, but there are no reward points or joining benefits. The interest rate on these cards is 3% per month. 

DhanLaxmi Credit Card Features-

  • They provide a cover of Rs. 10 Lakh on accidental death and PTD, along with 10 Lakh purchase protection.
  • They also provide insurance of Rs. 35 Lakhs on air accidental death. 
  • Along with that, they also offer up to Rs. 25000 for loss of baggage.


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