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Top 6 factors that affect how Life Insurance premium is calculated

Have you ever wondered why you are asked to pay lesser premium than your friend or family member? To end the confusion, we have prepared a list of factors that affect how life insurance premium is calculated.

Life insurance 101

Ask around and most people will tell you that they have life insurance. Dig a little deeper about the nature of the policy and the cover they enjoy, and chances are that they will cringe and express ignorance.

Term Insurance for Dummies

Term Insurance plans are pure protection plans which provide life cover at a nominal cost. These plans are the simplest type of life insurance plans.

How to choose the right term for your Term Plan

Term insurance is preferred over other insurance plans because it provides a life cover for just as long as you need.

Why is Life Insurance one of the most preferred Investments with benefits

Here are a few benefits of life insurance that have made it a preferred financial vehicle.

4 reasons why Child Plans make good sense

A glimpse into the features of a Child Plan.

Insurance clauses decoded

An insurance company is required to ascertain the validity of the facts presented to it within three years of issuance of the policy.

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