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How rich would you be if you quit smoking today?

The money spent on a lifetime of smoking, if invested, can make you a lakhpati several times over

Banks can use Aadhaar for KYC with customer's consent: RBI

RBI has updated the Master Direction on KYC to include the Aadhaar, if voluntarily produced by an individual for the purpose of identification

Repo rate cut and change in policy stance in RBI’s bi-monthly review

What came out of the RBI MPC’s latest bi-monthly policy review meeting and what are the reasons and implications behind it

The Red Cross story: where humanity rises above everything else

A movement that began on the ruins of a battlefield is today synonymous with caring for the distressed – and blood for those who need it.

Everything you need to know about Google Pay

Wondering why Google Pay is the talk of the town? Here is everything you need to know about it.

9 Unconventional jobs inspired by Bollywood

These jobs portrayed on screen that could make you re-think your career choice.

7 Habits that stop you from building wealth

Wealth building starts with the right behaviours in place. Break these 7 bad habits to get started on your journey to riches.

6 Financial lessons to learn from Indian dads

He held your hands when you took your first steps; as you start adulting, who better to teach you how to manage your money effectively than your dad


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