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Smart asset allocation: Optimising your investment portfolio in your 30s and 40s

Younger investors can take on more risk, while older investors should focus on stability. Asset allocation should be based on your age and risk tolerance.

Making life certificate submission easier for pensioners: 7 online approaches to submit Jeevan Pramaan Patra

Jeevan Pramaan Patra's importance in pension verification is vital. Seven methods, including Aadhaar biometrics, bank portals, and mobile wallets, offer convenience, efficiency, and hassle-free submissions.

UPI AutoPay on QR: How to seamlessly set up your recurring merchant payments

Setting up UPI Autopay for recurring payments on QR codes is a 2-step process requiring less than a minute.

How to Make A Portfolio for an Emerging Markets Investor? Benefits of Portfolio Diversification

Make sure your portfolio has a good mix of asset classes, largely insulating it from certain types of risk.

What is The National Common Mobility Card & How is It Helpful?

With digitisation, the idea of one nation one card has been brought up with the use of the national common mobility card. Read on!

Unlocking the Future of Banking: Paying with Digital Rupee via UPI QR Codes

SBI joins the interoperability of UPI, simplifying digital rupee usage via QR codes. This change enhances user experience and benefits merchants by streamlining transactions.

YOLO vs. FOMO: The Changing Financial Habits of Gen Z Indians

Gen Z's changing financial habits and poorer money mindset are the result of the rising impact of social media and trends like FOMO and YOLO.

Govt Tips for Combating Aadhaar Card Fraud: How to Prevent Misuse of Aadhaar Card?

The UIDAI issued an advisory against giving your Aadhaar information anywhere other than the official Aadhaar Portal after the rise in phishing lookalike websites scams.


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