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Top Indian monopoly stocks of 2021

Are you looking for the best monopoly stocks in India? This article will take you through the top-rated stocks that hold the largest market share.

How will the recession in the US impact the Indian IT industry?

Software companies in the US are expected to scale down their budgets by 5%-6%, resulting in a direct decline in contracts with Indian IT companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc.

How to Withdraw Money after the death of an accountholder Without a Nominee?

A nominee can withdraw the money from the account of a deceased member. But what if there’s no nominee? Find out how the withdrawal would work.

Digital Savings Bank Account vs Regular Savings Bank Account

Digital Savings Account is the future of banking services for the individual. It encapsulates all the services provided by a Regular Savings Account and more. In other words, Digital Savings Account is the upgraded version of a Regular Savings Account. 

5 Gold schemes offered by jewellers and how they work

Have you heard of gold schemes offered by jewellers? Is it a smart way to buy gold?

IPO Valuation: How is the IPO price decided?

There are many factors influencing a company's IPO valuation. Customers' demand plays a primary role in deciding an IPO's success.

Is your PMS underperforming?- Read this before you decide to exit the PMS!

Should you exit PMS investment if it is underperforming?