10 hacks that can save money in day to day life

One of the major costs all families incur is excursions-movies, vacations, eating out, theme parks, etc.


There's always something to spend money on. A better option for this, a prettier option for that- and before you know it, your monthly budgets are double what they used to be!

What can really go a long way is if you slow down for a second, have one of those world famous family conferences, and plan. Here are 10 extremely powerful ways to save money:

1. Going out for a fun day with friends? Take only as much as you need for the basics- dinner or a movie, say. Leave the rest at home. If you don't have the funds, you won't feel the urge to shop (unless you're one of those rare people who has no qualms about borrowing large sums of money from other people). Also, make a shopping list when you go out and stick to it!

2. Go green. For short distances, opt for walking rather than taking a car or even public transport. When you leave a room, make sure the lights are off, and teach your entire family to do the same. Don't do the laundry more than once in two days. Don't unceremoniously throw all your garbage in the bin- instead, sort out what can be recycled, identify a local kabaddi walla, and sell it to him.


3. Know what your bills are for. Don't pawn off your mobile/Wi-Fi/TV/credit card bills onto someone else. Do some research on your own- by simply giving customer care a call- and figure out exactly what services you are paying for.You'd be surprised to find that there will always be some costs- like extra channels you never watch or STD calling you don't need- that can be cancelled and save you at least a couple of thousand bucks per year.

4. Stay updated with sales. Every time you go to a store to shop, ask them to register your phone number/email ID. Though this may lead to some annoying spam, it will also give you all sorts of benefits- like short term sales and extremely useful one time offers (or just make a spare ID). Similarly, if you're into online shopping, register yourself for phone/email updates.


5. Make home an outing in itself. One of the major costs all families incur is excursions-movies, vacations, eating out, theme parks, etc. One simple way to reduce that cost is to make home more fun! Make it a point to experiment with recipes, organise Movie or Gaming or Karaoke Nights at home, and even have camping sleepovers. That way, not only will you and your kids have a more exciting home life, the desire to go out will reduce, minus the compromise!

6. Subtly ditchexpensive habits. For most services we pay for like gyms, yoga classes, professional family photos, or even magazine subscriptions, there's usually always a cheaper, equally decent option that would do just as well. The internet is full of DIY home fitness workouts that work wonders, Phone Cameras are making every second civilian a professional photographer, and magazines, really? No matter what's being advertised- special baby towels, pedigree food for pets, exfoliating creams- take a step back and re-evaluate how essential these necessities really are.

7. Introduce yourself to the internet, and for those of you who're fairly comfortable on the internet, get even savvier! The web is brimming is all sorts of fascinating ways to save money- healthier, cheaper recipes, innovative hacks to make cheaper makeup and/or clothes look high fashion, and, in all its glory- online shopping, with most ecommerce websites offering a Cash on Delivery option as well. There are constantly sales and discounts, so get yourself on there!


8. Gifting and Birthdays. From lavish birthday parties to having relatives over and sending gifts cross country for anniversaries- it's never ending! Is there a way to cut costs? Yes! Do it Yourself! Consider painted wine bottles, fruit bowls, and even handwritten cards. You can even recycle gifts, but do make sure a gift doesn%u2019t end up with the same person who gave it to you.

9. Invest in good quality equipment and devices. Seemingly in contrast with the frugality we've been suggesting till now, when you're buying the big stuff- washing machines, water heaters, TVs, gardening tools, etc., think long term. Ensure the brand is a recognised one- with well-established customer care centres and reliable reputations- and if it comes to a matter of a couple of thousand bucks, go for it.

10. Monitor what you have and how it's doing. Not only will there be things that are hidden in certain parts of your house that you had forgotten about, there will even be tonnes of items that have hidden uses you may not have thought about before. Every month, go through your cupboard, under-bed drawers and packets stuffed behind this wall or that, and make sure you aren't underusing something or buying something you already have.

If you follow these ten tips, you'll find that you and your family will have a lot more money and even time to live a good, happy life- and isn't that what everyone really wants?


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