New LTC Rules Established for Central Government Employees. Here’s What You Should Know

The DoPT has issued three new LTC amendments meant for Central Government employees. Check out these changes to know the updated LTC rules.

Rules Incorporated in LTC

Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is granted to private and government employees and pays for their travel expenses. In the case of Central Government employees, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) frames and administers LTC rules. Recently, the DoPT issued an Office Memorandum outlining the reimbursement of travel-related expenses in LTC for Central Government employees. Three rules have been amended, which cover air and rail travel and the associated expenses. The DoPT issued clarity regarding these amended rules. Check out what has changed.


  • The Department of Personnel & Training recently issued an amendment to Leave Travel Concession.

  • The latest memorandum for Central Government employees has clarified three new reimbursement rules.

  • The first rule is about the reimbursement of cancellation charges, while the second is for catering expenses

  • The third rule revokes the mandate of booking air travel tickets through authorised travel agents.

Change #1 – Reimbursement of Cancellation Charges

If a Central Government employee cancels a booked airline ticket, the incurred cancellation charges would be reimbursed under LTC. The rules for such reimbursement are as follows –

  • Cancellation should be for an official emergency.
  • The cancellation charge should either be levied by the airline or by the authorised travel agencies. There are three authorised travel agencies which include IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), Ashok Travels & Tours (AT&T), and Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited (BLCL).

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Change #2 – Reimbursement of Catering Expenses

While booking train tickets, travellers can also book catering services. The charges would be reimbursed under LTC on eligible trains if such services are booked.



Change #3 – Booking Tickets Through Authorised Travel Agencies Is Not Mandatory

Central Government employees, who were not allowed air travel but wanted to do so, were required to book their travel tickets through any of the authorised travel agencies (IRCTC, AT&T, or BLCL). This mandate has been revoked. Such employees can book their tickets at their discretion. The LTC would be reimbursed for the actual airfare for the shortest possible route.

However, if such airline tickets are cancelled, the employee will have to bear the cancellation charges. Moreover, if such employees travel to North-East India, Andaman & Nicobar, Ladakh, or Jammu & Kashmir under the Special Dispensation Scheme, tickets should be booked through the authorised agents only.

The Bottom Line

While the DoPT has clarified that LTC reimbursements would be done per the above-mentioned changes, it also specified that past reimbursements would not be updated. Employees would be allowed to claim reimbursements under the new scheme for new bookings. So, know the changed rules if you are a Central Government employee to claim the LTC accordingly.

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