Best Virtual Trading Apps in India in 2023 - Moneybhai, Chart Mantra, Dalal Street, Trading View

Want to learn virtual stock trading in India? Try these 4 Apps

4 Best Apps & Sites to Learn Virtual Stock Trading in India

With the U.S. Federal Reserve signalling two successive rate hikes and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the global economic landscape remains unpredictable. In such a scenario, investors in India must carefully navigate their way through the stock market. To aid you in making well-informed decisions, we have compiled a list of the four best Indian trading apps in 2023. These virtual trading apps offer convenience, real-time data, and a user-friendly interface to help you stay on top of market trends and seize opportunities while considering the potential headwinds from international shores.

Continue reading to know more about the top four paper trading apps in India.

Key highlights:

  • Moneybhai, Chart Mantra, Dalal Street, and Trading View bag the top 4 positions in the list of best virtual trading apps in India
  • Get Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore virtual cash in your account and invest in different asset classes

Best Apps to learn Virtual Stock Trading

1. Moneybhai

Moneybhai is one of the best virtual trading apps in India powered by Money Control. One of the reasons that make this platform the best trading app in India is that it provides Rs. 1 Crore virtual cash in a portfolio account upon registration with Rs. 1 Crore intraday trading limit. You can use this virtual amount to invest in different asset classes, such as equity stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies.

The share market app lets you enjoy a host of features and services. Using this platform, you can create limit order, market order, GTD order, Short selling, GTC order, and square off. You can learn stock trading with Moneybhai by winning investment challenges. You can sign up on this platform using your Google ID, Facebook ID, or mobile number. You'll just need to create a new account and you’re set to start your mock stock trading.


  • India’s biggest virtual trading game
  • Powered by Moneycontrol
  • Rs 1 crore virtual cash in your portfolio account
  • Rs 1 crore intraday trading limit
  • Invest in shares, mutual funds, and FDs
  • Create limit order, market order, GTD order, short-selling, GTC order and square off
  • Log in using your Google ID, Facebook ID, or mobile number
  • Create your account and start mock stock trading right away

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2. Chart Mantra

Backed by the Economic Times, Chart Mantra is another prominent paper trading app in India. Using this app, you can technically analyse the stock market and learn the art of investment. With a simple and user-friendly interface, this is one of the best virtual trading apps for learning technical analysis. Upon registration, you will get Rs. 1 lakh in the form of virtual cash for investing in the stock market. However, you are not allowed to invest in more than one stock at a time. You can register on the Chart Mantra platform via your Google ID or Facebook ID.


  • Rs 1 lakh virtual cash in your account
  • Learn technical analysis of stocks
  • Switch to various chart options like candles, bars, etc.
  • Toggle on various technical indicators
  • Learn through infographics
  • Place buy and sell orders, short-sell orders, stop loss orders, and AMO orders
  • Sign-up using your Google ID or Facebook ID

3. Dalal Street

Dalal Street is one of the best apps to learn mock stock trading in India. It is a kind of investment journal that offers you Rs.10 lakh as virtual money once you register and sign up with your account. The best part about this virtual trading app is that it allows users to experience a real-time trading experience.

Not only can you can learn and practice trading strategies without the fear of losing real money, but also enhance your stock trading skills. This paper trading app also allows you to discuss your trading strategies and learn from others' experiences.


  • Rs.10 lakhs as virtual money in your account
  • Trade stocks in real-time using your virtual money
  • Discuss trading strategies with other participants
  • Win stock market challenges
  • Experiential learning of stock market concepts
  • Downloads: 10T+

4. Trading View

Trading view is another popular paper trading app in India. In fact, it is one of the best virtual trading apps with facilities such as stock charts, technical tools, and much more. You can register for free on this mock stock trading platform and start virtual trading instantly. After gaining some experience, you can choose from the share market app’s Pro, Pro+, and Premium subscriptions. Each of these offers a 30-day free trial period.

Budding traders who want to learn the use of live candlestick charts and technical indicators to make their trades must definitely try this virtual trading app.


  • Free registration for the basic plan
  • Upgraded plans for extra features
  • Learn stock market analysis
  • Access to stock charts, technical tools, and much more
  • Use up to 25 indicators per chart
  • Ad-free platform
  • Create multiple enhanced watchlists
  • Undo and redo your trades
  • Get alerts for price, indicators, strategies, and drawings
  • History and fundamentals of stocks available

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To Conclude

The paper trading app options mentioned above can be very handy if you want to enhance your stock trading knowledge. These apps can help you improve your skills through tutorials and live stock trading experiences. And once you have mastered the technical aspects of the stock market, you can go for real trading to make loads of money. 

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