Ways to make money through gaming: e-sports events, gaming podcast, live stream, game tutorials

If you are serious about gaming, try one or more of these options to earn some serious money.

7 Ways to earn money through gaming

Avid gamers have probably heard their parents say time and again how gaming will not fetch them anything and is a waste of time. Not only is it not regarded as a viable career option, it is also considered to be a distraction from building a ‘real’ career. These days, they can thankfully breathe a sigh of relief as there are ways to gain a steady income through gaming. Let’s look at some options that can make ‘game time’ worthwhile.

1. Cover e-sports events 

Gaming journalism is a field of journalism where the audiences get to connect with the companies that create and develop video games. If you have a flair for writing, you can write for already existing sites or launch your own website. You can write content, reviews, and interviews for games, industry, or genres for your employer’s website and get paid. You can also generate revenue with ads and the likes of Patreon subscription if you have your own website.

2. Host a gaming podcast

Make some intriguing videos related to gaming and broadcast them daily, weekly, or monthly on YouTube or through podcasts. The videos can be about high-profile players, opinion-based confab, etc. If you are freelancing for others, you can charge for your services. If it is your own website, ads and subscriptions can bring in revenue.

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3. Do live streaming and get paid

If you have a fun personality, a decent computer, and streaming software, start streaming live. Perhaps you could review some games that viewers want to watch. Target to reach a large and loyal audience to earn revenues through donations, subscriptions, and ads. Twitch is one of the largest platforms for streaming, buy you can also go live on YouTube.

4. Create video game tutorials and guides

Target the amateurs who like browsing guides, especially for multiplayer player versus player (PvP) games. Find out what problems players are facing with popular games. Help them by actualising websites for written guides, releasing e-books as guides, or telecast tutorials on YouTube. The sale of e-books can also earn you revenue. As for the other two, ads and donations will earn you revenue.

5. Be a playtester and get paid

Before they are launched, games have to pass different stages of development. As the release date approaches, developers seek out playtesters. You can be one of them and earn money. The developer will ask you to check everything, which may include finding and documenting bugs and other issues. There are services like PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily, and BetaTesting or on-demand playtesting. You can search for such companies for open positions of playtester and apply for the same.

6. Farm and sell accounts and digital items

There are sites like PlayerAuctions that help buyers and sellers of gaming items to meet. You can use these sites to sell your accounts. In the gaming world, there is a practice of using ‘smurf’ accounts. These are secondary accounts that the players may want to buy to reach a particular level of competitive matches to save their time. If you are a more accomplished player than they are, players might also pay you to level up their account. 

There are other sites like Fiverr, where you can sell ‘gaming services’ to players who need a partner to team up with for an hour or so and are ready to pay for the benefit. If you are a veteran player of a particular game, you can sell your Steam Trading Cards to players who may want to purchase them. These cards are virtual and can help with wallet funds.

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7. Win gaming titles and earn prize money

If you are a skilled player, you can join e-sports organisations. Find a trending PvP game and practice rigorously. Join the tournaments arranged by the organisations and win the title. You will gain rewards and sponsorships. Winning back-to-back tournaments can help you become popular and your network with other professional players will broaden.

Opportunities do exist in gaming if you take it up professionally. If you are satisfied with your gaming skills and knowledge, and are confident that you can hold your own against the best gamers, taking it up professionally can bring in decent financial returns as well. Winning real money in online games? It's time you learnt about gaming taxation too!

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