Looking for amazing discounts while purchasing items for your business? Get an Amazon Business Prime account today.

Amazon Business Prime account is for businesses that purchase items in bulk and want discounts and multiple seller options. Know more about the benefits of this account.

Amazon Business account
  • Amazon Business Prime account allows you to purchase products for your business and offers various benefit options.

  • You can create an Amazon Professional seller account to sell your products and expand your business reach. 

  • You can avail of the best deals and save money by signing in to the Amazon Business Prime or Amazon seller accounts (if needed).  

In this digital world, everyone is shopping online. And one of the best platforms to shop online is Amazon. More than 89% of consumers buy from Amazon other than any other e-commerce platform. So, selling your product on Amazon can expand your business, and you can also buy products in bulk from Amazon for your business using an Amazon Business Prime account.

What is the Amazon Business account?

It is an account that you need to create to purchase products for your business. This account is different from the regular Amazon accounts. It provides purchasing solutions to consumers for their business supplies. Like the regular account, you can create a prime account that offers various benefits to you. 

How is business different from a regular amazon account?

A regular business prime account offers free delivery, cask backs, and progressive discount option, which are not available in the regular business accounts. A regular business account allows business-only prices if products are ordered in bulk. They have a single sign-in option and have integrated workflow. While the Business Prime account has better business analytics, where you can track your purchases. To get a business prime account, you must pay subscription charges per year. 

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Amazon business account vs seller account 

Amazon business account is to purchase products for your business purpose. Whereas Amazon seller accounts are to sell your products. To create a seller account, you should first have the business account and then link both. 

Like the business account, the seller account has two options, regular or prime. You subscribe to the prime option to enjoy the benefits of an Amazon Professional seller account. This seller account is different from the Amazon Individual seller account. On an individual seller account, you sell items that are old or invaluable. 

Benefits, discounts available and why you should register for Amazon business account

The following are the benefits of having an Amazon business account:

  • You can buy items in bulk.

  • Get the benefit of limited-time deals.

  • You can compare the prices of different sellers.

  • Free delivery and special price offers.

  • Enjoy multiple payment options.

  • Track your purchase orders. 

  • You can save up to 28% more on the purchase with GST invoice with income tax credits. 

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Register now for an Amazon business account to enjoy these benefits and many more advantages. You can create your seller account if needed. With a professional business account, expand your business into the market. 

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