The best apps to help you track and save money

What could be better than getting your personal finance manager at no cost? These money tracker apps will keep you updated down to the smallest financial detail!!

The best apps to help you track and save money

If you have not already replaced your ‘budget and expenses’ diary with a free-of-cost money tracking app, you are clearly not in touch with the times.

Prudent personal finance is so much more than just tracking your expenses. You need to be reminded to pay bills, to transfer money from one bank account to another, and even have the ability to manage your investments on the go.

But with so many apps available to manage your finances, it can be difficult to narrow in on the best ones. That’s why we bring you the most recommended money tracking apps for you to try out:

1. Mvelopes

Cost: Free

Operating System: iOS & Android

Mvelopes has a simple, yet effective interface, helping users turn this app into their personal finance manager. This extremely sophisticated financial app has been rated the best available app in the market today by its users. One can easily set daily, weekly, and monthly financial goals and create a budget on the app to help them cut down overspending. This app also has an option called ‘bill tracking’ which lets you track all your expenses in real-time. This not only helps you keep all your financial records in one place, but also keeps you on your toes with its expense tracker capabilities. To ensure 100% accuracy, this app allows users to manually update cash transfers.

Managing your budget and planning ahead has never been easier.

2. Good budget

Cost: Free

Operating System: iOS & Android

The importance of this free-of-cost financial app can be best judged by the people who are unable to budget the different areas of their spending. Good budget lets you divide your monthly budget into different envelopes wherein each represents a different category, such as ‘Kids’, ‘Groceries’, ‘Transport’, etc.

Once you segregate the money into envelopes, you spend only from those particular envelopes. It not only becomes your monthly expenses app, but also tracks your savings and overspending.  The best part is that all your devices can be synchronized on this app, keeping your entire family updated with essential financial data.

Spending only on what’s essential can be easily achieved with the help of Goodbudget.

3. AndroMoney (Expense Tracker)

Cost: Free

Operating System: iOS & Android

Staying on top of each and every expense that you incur with your credit card or debit card can be effortlessly done with spending tracker app AndroMoney. Synchronizing the app with your bank account and credit card saves all your information related to your daily expenses, monthly income, and money transfers.

You can also keep your budget in place with the ‘budget management’ feature of this app. It gives you constant reminders about your savings and budget. A striking feature of this expense tracker is that it accepts multiple currencies and can convert one currency into another according to the current exchange rate.

This app supports multiple accounts and manages your finances without any hassles.

Manage your expenses and your money with ease!

4. Money Lover

Cost: Free

Operating System: iOS & Android

This financial management app is unquestionably one of the best finance apps available today. In less than five seconds, you can set your budget depending upon your savings and expenses. Cloud synchronization is also easy and effective with this app, making it your digital finance manager.

Money Lover has immense significance when it comes to the security of your financial accounts. No matter what happens to your device, your data is completely secured in its efficient database. Supporting more than 100 currencies in 30 different languages is a piece of cake for this intelligent app.

This financial app supports multiple accounts for a single person. Synchronizing all your accounts, credit cards, and debit cards with this app gives you a sense of complete relaxation as far as your finances are concerned.

All your accounts in one place!

These money tracker apps help you stay abreast with all relevant financial data in real-time so you can make better, informed decisions for your future.

No wonder these apps have millions of downloads!

Disclaimer: This article is neutral and is not a promotion for any particular application. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the app before use.


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