Buying a new smartphone? Avoid these mistakes

Want to buy a new smartphone? Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid.

Are you making any of these mistakes while buying a new smartphone?

Buying a new smartphone is like that dreamy feeling you experience before going to trips and picnics. It’s a decision that is going to stay with you for quite a time and it also involves a cash investment. When we decide to spend a sigficant amount of money, we want to get our money’s worth and thus buying a new smartphone can be a difficult decision. 

With a bit of research and proper planning, one can ace the decision of buying a smartphone best suited for their needs. However, people generally tend to make mistakes while buying a smartphone. It’s important for you to know a few of the following common mistakes so that they can be avoided in your pursuit of a great smartphone.

1. Over-spending

Because a smartphone is something that people buy less frequently, they generally go all out while purchasing one without thinking of their needs. Especially now that people can buy phones on installments, they are enticed to expensive phones. Chances are that the needs you have could be satisfied with a smartphone that costs half the price of the one you are thinking to buy. If you think about it, we don’t really use all the features that a very expensive smartphone offers. So, instead of going big just for the sake of owning an expensive phone, why not analyse the features we need and the buy a phone that matches our requisites?

A few thousand rupees can mean a lot in the long run; you can use it for your next trip or rent and still get a smart-phone that you need.

2. Buying the latest model

People have this obsession of being on trend and buying the latest model of a smartphone. With so many companies indulging into the industry, there is a very little difference between the smartphone launched a year ago and the smartphone launched a month ago. Why spend extra money on the latest one, when you can get an almost same version of it minus only a few features for a cheaper price?

The thing to remember here is that models older than two years are not recommended because sometimes they are not updated. However, anything launched within two years is good to go.

3. Not comparing prices

Sometimes out of excitement, people buy the smartphone of their choice from the first place they find. A smartphone is an expensive asset, so it’s better to buy one post deliberation. Online platforms offer different deals and discount offers. Though there’s a myth that smartphones have a fixed price, there are a lot of deals that can decrease its final price.

It is, therefore, a must to Google the smartphone you intend to buy and compare its price on various platforms before making the final decision to buy.

4. Opting for brands

Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Series are the top brands ruling the smartphone market and whenever we think about buying a new smartphone, we think about them. However, the mobile market now has many cheaper and reliable options. These smartphones are good in quality and provide a range of amazing features along with being comparatively cheaper. Why obsess with expensive brands when you can get the same features in a lesser known but reliable brand? 


Though buying a smartphone is a very personal decision, one must be clear about their feature requirements and budget before buying one. Avoiding the above-stated common mistakes gives that clarity and helps in buying the perfect smartphone which matches their needs.


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