Update EPF Exit Date. Know How You Can Do It In Easy Steps With Your UAN And Adhaar Card On The Member Seva Portal.

Update the exit date in your EPF account via EPFO's Member Seva Portal using your UAN and Adhaar card linked to your phone number.

Update Your Date Of Exit In Your EPF Account Online In Minutes.

Joining a new workplace? Worried about your EPF claim? Now you can quickly notify the EPFO about your job switch without going through the hassle of visiting the EPFO office. The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has notified that EPF account holders can update their EPF exit date from their previous company through the Member Sewa portal. This portal has been created to safeguard EPF members' savings and provide them with remote access to their account details. Update EPF account online. 


  • Update the date of exit in the EPF account online through the Member Seva portal. 

  • You can update the details using your UAN and Adhaar card. 

  • The details can be updated two months after you leave your last job. 

  • The exit date can be any day of the month when you receive your last payment. 

What are the requirements for updating the date of exit in the EPF account online?

The FAQ on the EPFO’s official site says that the EPF employees' date of exit should be updated for EPF withdrawal. Furthermore, EPF account holders can update the date of exit two months after their last job. The date of exit can be any date in the month in which you have received your final payment from your last employer. 

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You must also have a Universal Account Number (UAN), which is linked with Adhaar, to complete this process, as it also requires Adhaar-based OTP. The Adhaar should be linked with a mobile phone where you can receive the OTP for verification of your identity. 

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How to update the exit date on the EPF portal?

To update the EPF employees' date of exit, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Member Seva portal

  2. Now enter your Universal Account Number and password to log in 

  3. Visit the Manage tab 

  4. Tap on the Mark exit option 

  5. Move to the employment dropdown and select the PF account number

  6. Now fill in the Date of Exit box and the Reason for Exit box. 

  7. Tap on the request OTP button. 

  8. Now enter the OTP that you received on the mobile number linked with your Adhaar card. 

  9. Tick the check box and tap on Update, then select OK. 

Now, wait for the confirmation message. 

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How to check if the date of exit got updated or not?

To check if the exit date got updated, follow these steps -

  1. Login to the portal with your login credentials. 

  2. Now tap on Service History under the View menu.

  3. A webpage with details of all your employers and EPF account will open. 

  4. Check the exit date here. 

These are all the steps you need to know about updating the date of exit in your EPF account. You should also note that once updated, the date of exit cannot be changed in your EPF account. However, if you are switching jobs, it is compulsory to update the exit date online in your EPF account.  

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