Financial infidelity and how to deal with it

Follow these simple tips to stop money matters from ruining your marriage

Financial infidelity and how to deal with it

Though most people don’t admit it, money is a very major factor which contributes to a happy marriage. When couples lack transparency on financial matters, a lot of misunderstandings and complexities can rise which should be avoided at all costs. Having trust issues on financial matters can even make people question their marriage as a whole. Let’s see how you can avoid this from happening, or in case you are already stuck in such a situation, what should be your course of action to make sure your marriage isn’t affected:

  1. Having the talk:

Being in the love-struck phase tends to lead people to complacency. In case of couples who fall into love and marry, the uncomfortable conversation about money and finances is usually avoided. Having a talk about money in the initial phases allows you the opportunity to come up with a budget according to which all finances can be planned. This reduces the scope of having to deal with hidden financial transactions at a later stage.


  1. Maintaining transparency:

The two major causes of trust issues on financial matters are having separate bank accounts or having a single earning member. In case of separate bank accounts, if both individuals are aware of the exact earnings and expenditure incurred per month, most problems can be avoided. However, if one person is given autonomy over the money, it offers way too much freedom to them which in most cases is exploited.


  1. Having unity in your goals:

Even though individuals usually have very different needs and wants from the income they earn, when locked in the bonds of marriage, some compromises and adjustments need to be made. However, this should be balanced and must not reach the point of frustration at any point. When this happens, people tend to start segregating their finances in order to achieve their personal goals.


  1. Mitigating:

In case you at some point realize that you have been lied to or kept in the dark about finances, the obvious instant reaction is anger. However, if you want to salvage the situation and want to make your marriage work out, it is imperative that your approach is one of patience and understanding. Even though you may feel betrayed, once you make an accusation or express that your trust is breached, it causes scars to your marriage which might take a long time to heal.

There are several financial issues that need to be discussed when you get into a marriage. We understand that it might be difficult for you to have to do the research and cover everything that needs to be done. The following E-Book on Love and Money will be your perfect guide to ensure that you and your spouse can plan out a happy and financially solid life together.


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