Freelancer Jobs: 3 Proven Ways to Get Sure Income

Freelancer Guide: 3 Must-Know Tips to Ace the Freelancing Game.

The freelancer guide How to maintain a steady income when starting out

Freelancer is a word reverberating among jobseekers ever since the pandemic shook the world. When everywhere there was speculation over the lay-offs in various industries, smarter people switched to freelancing jobs. Especially with technology growing and the world becoming closer together with the worldwide web, its popularity hiked. Freelancers also had flexibility in their job, so the demand grew naturally. 

Every industry is looking for freelancers rather than employees, as it is convenient and economical for them. They can create a great pool of workforce which is costlier if hired as employees. As interesting as it sounds, do freelancers really make a good income? Would we have a consistent income from freelance work? If these questions pop up in your mind, then you have come to the right place!

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Freelancing is similar to running a business. Yet here's the difference; here's you, the product, and you could call it self-branding. Therefore, it also carries a certain risk of income drop at certain points. Sometimes you may find yourself without any projects to do. So, here are some ways for you to be a freelancer and make a steady income.

  • Networking 

Best freelancer jobs come with proper networking. The contacts you can create within the business cycle determine your income. There are multiple ways to do self-branding as a freelancer and can create a network through the same. A platform like LinkedIn is best for networking. But you should not stop by just connecting if you want to see conversions. 

It is better if you can create a digital portfolio of your works. You have platforms like Fiverr, Behance, Upwork, Freelancer, Dribble, Guru, and 99design to create free portfolios. Alternatively, you can DM your contacts or email them. Such a prospective engagement can bring you continuous work. 

  • Reviews and Referrals

People would like to hear from others than from you about your freelancing expertise. So ask your friends, existing clients, previous employers to leave feedback. You can add it to your portfolio. You can also ask your LinkedIn connections and known connections to do skills endorsement on LinkedIn. Word of mouth can be an old marketing technique, but still effective. Hence, ask your existing clients, contacts, and friends to refer freelancing jobs to you. 

  • Join Freelancing Communities

There are multiple freelancing communities in which people help each other. You can join such communities, where you will be exposed to various freelancing jobs in your area of expertise. You can come across such communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups, Telegram Groups and Reddit. All you have to do is search for them and join as many communities as possible. But you have to be careful while approaching prospects through such groups. There are possibilities of fake people, so be diligent. You will find the right opportunities only with proper research. 

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Every job has its pros and cons, so does freelance. All you need is unyielding effort and an intelligent approach with prospects. As long as you are ready to put in hard work and uniquely market yourself, you can shine. Following the above three methods can fetch you enough prospects in your pipeline and is a sure way to get conversions. Hence, wait no more and grab the right freelancing jobs by adopting these methods. 


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