How to open generic aadhar franchise?

Easy way to earn lakhs every month by selling Generic medicines

Generic Aadhar Pharmacy

Every business has suffered miserably during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were only a fraction of jobs and businesses that thrived and grew during the pandemic. One was the IT sector, and another was the medical sector.

The pandemic saw large corporations laying off their employees and people being in misery looking for other jobs and businesses. Once the pandemic was over, the great resignation took place, and the world saw people resigning from jobs and flocking to start businesses.

If you are someone who is exploring to start a new business in such times, there's nothing better than jumping into the pharmacy sector. It is thriving, and many people have already started reaping the benefits of their investments.

During the pandemic, people saw black marketing, hoarding, and a massive increase in the prices of life-saving medicines, and they were forced to move towards generic medicines. Though generic medicines were always available before the pandemic, too, they really gained the limelight during this period.

This increased demand ignited a business idea among people, and it is about opening a pharmacy of generic medicines. There is a company called generic aadhar that is opening franchise stores all around India, and it is looking for talented individuals who can handle their stores well.

Let’s know more about this opportunity to earn money.

What Is Generic Aadhar?

Generic Aadhar is a Ratan tata-backed pharmacy business that was started by a 16-year-old entrepreneur in 2019. Since its launch, the company has been in the limelight and unlocked rapid growth.

As the name suggests, generic aadhar is a generic and branded medical store chain that aims to supply medicines at lower costs. On the company's website, they claim that their generic medication is 80% cheaper than branded medicines, and still, they are made with the same components. If you are on some life-saving drugs, these medicines can reduce your medical costs by 60% to 80%. But the benefits of this company are not just for customers but also for sellers and franchise owners.

How Can You Earn Lakhs From Generic Aadhar?

Generic medicines are often cheap, and they are sold in large quantities too. Traditional and branded medicines are sold by their name. Hence those companies offer only 5% to 7% profit margins. But this is different in generic medicines; you enjoy large profit margins, and as the adoption grows, your profit will grow too. By opening a generic aadhar franchise pharmacy, you tie-up with a high-growth startup and a business that offers around 40% profit margins.

Put simply, if you sell Rs 1 lakh worth of branded medicines, you only get Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 in your pocket. But if you sell generic medicines through the generic aadhar franchise, you can earn up to Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 each month. This is just the calculation of sales of Rs 1 lakh each month, and as most pharmacies have higher sales, you can imagine the money you can earn.

Moreover, generic aadhar also has an app from where you can serve customers online by home delivering their medicine orders. The company provides pretty good margins on this model too.

Whether you already have a pharmacy or you are just starting out in this industry, working with generic aadhar will be highly beneficial. So get started today and earn lakhs monthly from selling high-quality generic medicines.


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