Know How an Air Passenger Can Claim Compensation for Lost, Delayed, or Damaged Baggage and Travel Insurance

Missing or damaged baggage is not very uncommon for air passengers. They can get compensated with quick and right actions. Travel insurance is helpful.

grievances are for missing or damaged baggage
  • Approximately 16% of passenger’s grievances are for missing or damaged baggage
  • Laws and regulations are in place to compensate passengers’ loss
  • Negotiation with Airlines while claiming compensation is common
  • The right mix of travel insurance is important

For airline passengers travelling on their perfect holiday or a crucial business meeting, they find their baggage damaged or missing can be extremely annoying. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), approximately 16% of grievances of air passengers are for their lost, delayed, or damaged baggage. As per reports, the chances of luggage getting misplaced are higher for connecting, delayed, or cancelled flights.

What to do when your baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged?

If the passenger’s baggage is missing or damaged, they must file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the airline's counter. PIR has a tracking code and details of the baggage filled by the complainant. Post reporting, the complainant gets an acknowledgment from the airlines. Passengers get real-time updates on the status of the complaint.

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Does travel insurance come to the rescue when your baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged?

Yes. Travel insurance covers multiple travelling risks, like flight cancellations, illness, overseas hospitalisation, lost and damaged baggage, and others. A passenger will get compensated for lost or damaged baggage only if they have chosen the insurance variant catering to it. A passenger claiming insurance will be paid on the basis of documents submitted and the limits prescribed in the insurance contract.

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Compensation for the delayed, lost, and damaged baggage

For delayed baggage, the clauses are based on hours of delay. Passengers can get compensated for the essentials they need until the luggage arrives.

The airlines will try to locate the baggage, and once found, it will deliver free of cost at the desired address. The luggage is declared lost if it is not traced for 21 days. A domestic carrier's compensation liability is up to INR 25000/passenger in case of lost baggage. For international flights, the limits are mentioned in the booking contract. For damaged baggage, if the damage is not caused by over-stuffing or is not the usual wear and tear, passengers can check with their airlines for compensation. 

Airlines negotiate hard while compensating, so one must furbish maximum possible proofs and details while demanding compensation.

As airline carriers strive for a comfortable and glitch-free travel experience for their passengers, they try to compensate their best in case of mishaps like lost, delayed, or damaged baggage. Also, grievance forums and laws are in place to safeguard and pay passengers' losses wherever possible. The passenger needs to be well-equipped with the relevant knowledge and processes and has to be diligent. Travel insurance is recommended for added security. 

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