All About Linking Aadhaar With NPS Account Online

If you want to link Aadhaar with NPS account online, this article is for you. Read to know more

Linking NPS Account and Aadhaar Online What You Need To Know

The National Pension System (NPS) now has to be linked to the Aadhar card, and even if you have linked it to your pan card, it is obligatory to make it mandatory. The NPS scheme is one of the best options for the senior citizens of India, and it is a government-based initiative that secures their future economically as well. The PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority) regulates the NPS account.

If you want to link Aadhar to NPS account and that too online, the process is straightforward and convenient for those who cannot travel or wait in login queues for hours. But, on the other hand, if you want to get hold of your pension every year without any hassles, linking the Aadhar with the NPS is a mandate and must be done at the earliest.

Steps To Help You Link Your NPS Account With Your Aadhar Card Online:

The steps to link Aadhar with NPS is very easy, and it can be done online by following the simple steps:

●    Login: The first step for linking your Aadhaar with your NPS account is to log in to

●    Choose the Option: Once you have visited the site, you will be accorded numerous options for the desired result that you want eventually. There are many options to choose from; however, for linking the account with your Aadhar card, you have to select the "UPDATE AADHAR/ ADDRESS DETAILS ''. Once you have selected that option, you can next select the "UPDATE DETAILS", just beside the options tab.

Next, you need to enter your Aadhaar number or update the number if already added, and you want to change the same. But, again, the option is readily available and will not require much effort.

●    Submit: Once you select the option and have made the necessary updates and incorporated your Aadhar number, you can choose to submit the same and tap on the generate OTP button. The OTP verification system has been added particularly so that the authentication process will be secured highly. On receiving the OTP from UIDAI, the official Aadhar portal, you must submit the OTP for verification. 

●    Authenticate: Once you have put in your OTP for verification, your account will be further authenticated and verified. On completion of that process, your account will be linked to your Aadhar card and will complete all the requirements that the government has prescribed mandatory.

It is essential to note here that the name displayed on your Aadhar card and the name registered with your NPS account should match. Otherwise, the process will not be successful, and you will have to visit the physical branches and get it changed. In the daily Aadhaar news, linking every government-based account with your Aadhar card is now obligatory.

How Do I Understand That My Aadhar Has Been Linked To My NPS Account?

Once you are done filling out the NPS registration form, it can be assumed that you have successfully linked Aadhar with NPS. A confirmation message will be sent to you for further authentication that your details have been received, and the NPS account will be updated with your Aadhar details. You can also choose to check whether your NPS account is registered with your Aadhaar from the same website. However, it is also essential to know that the updates have to be holistic, and you also need to update Aadhaar address details.

The government has recently made it mandatory to link your NPS account with the Aadhaar card, and it has been done to ensure that the highest security levels are maintained. It came off as a rule even if you have chosen to go forth with your pan card to open an NPS account initially. The site is quite comprehensive, and you do not have to go through many hassles to make a simple update.


This bit of investment is significant as it will authenticate your NPS account and ensure that you can reap the benefits shortly. Without linking it to your Aadhar card, you will not be able to garner any benefits, and the account will be rendered useless, and it would be not easy to get hold of the money. 


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