How to lodge a complaint online against a bank, NBFC, or payment system operator

With new and eased norms, find out how you can lodge a complaint against a bank, NBFC, or payment participant that is RBI-regulated.

Lodging a Complaint Against RBI-regulated Financial Entities

Financial institutions have upped their services to serve customers better in the modern era. Enhanced financial services also help lure new customers and retain the loyalty of existing ones.

That being said, customer grievance is a common thorn in the side of financial institutions. You might find your bank, NBFC, or payment provider lacking in certain aspects or services. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has appointed a banking ombudsman to address your complaints.

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Who is the Banking Ombudsman?

The Banking Ombudsman is an RBI-appointed official tasked with grievance redressal. The Ombudsman helps you seek resolution of your complaints about the lack of services offered by banks, NBFCs, and payment providers.

How to Lodge a Complaint with the Ombudsman?

The prime minister has introduced the ‘Reserve Bank – Integrated Ombudsman Scheme 2021’ to make the grievance redressal mechanism quicker and more convenient. This scheme has one objective – ‘One Nation, One Ombudsman System.’ The scheme offers speedy and free redressal for customer complaints against RBI-regulated financial institutions.

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There are different options for lodging your complaint under the ‘One Nation, One Ombudsman System.’ These include the following –

  • Through an email

You can send in an email to detailing your complaint.

  • Through the toll-free number

You can contact RBI’s grievance redressal department at the toll-free number 14448 and register your complaint through IVR.

  • Through online form

You can download and fill out the RBI complaint form available at Then mail the form to Chandigarh's Central Receipt and Processing Centre (CRPC).

  • Through the online portal

You can register your complaint online on the Complaint Management System (CMS) portal. This recently launched portal allows customers to submit their applications in real-time. You can also track the registered complaint and get instant updates when the complaint gets resolved.

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The Process of Lodging the Complaint Online

The online CMS portal of the RBI offers a more convenient mode of lodging your complaint. You can access the CMS platform on your computer or download its app on your smartphone.

Here is a step-by-step process of how you can lodge your complaint on the portal –

1. Visit
2. You can either continue with English or change the language to Hindi through the option available on the top ride-hand corner of the page.
3. Choose the option ‘Click here to file a complaint against any Regulated Entity (banks, NBFCs, system participants).
4. A new page would open. Click on the option ‘File a Complaint’.
5. A new window would open wherein you would have to enter the displayed captcha code. Once you fill in the code, click on ‘Next’.
6. Enter the complainant's name (your name if you are making the complaint) and the mobile number. Then click on ‘Get OTP’ to get the OTP on the entered mobile number. Enter the OTP and verify to proceed further.
7. The complainant's name and the mobile number would be autofilled from the last screen to the next screen. You would have to provide the following additional details –

  • Email ID (optional)
  • Complainant category (Individual, individual-business, proprietorship, partnership, senior citizen, etc.)
  • Age (if you are an individual)
  • Gender (if you are an individual)
  • Complainant’s State of residence
  • Complainant’s District of residence
  • Address
  • PIN Code
  • The name of the entity against which you are making the complaint

8. Select the relevant radio buttons corresponding to the queries displayed on the next page, and then click ‘Next’.
9. The next screen asks if you have filed a written complaint to the concerned entity. Confirm with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.
10. Enter the date on which you are lodging your complaint. Also, upload any complaint-related file that you have from your device.
11. Click on the relevant radio buttons corresponding to the queries regarding the entity. Also, provide a detailed account of the grounds of complaint, any amount involved, and the date of transaction
12. If you have any documents to support your complaint, upload them.
13. Click on ‘Authorisation’ and then check the ‘Declaration’ box.
14. Choose ‘Review and Submit’ to submit your complaint after reviewing it.
15. Once the claim is registered, it will generate a PDF copy of the complaint. Download the copy on your device for future reference.

After registration, you would get regular updates of your claim on your mobile number and email ID (if provided).

The bottom line

RBI’s latest initiative makes it easier for you to complain to any entity under its ambit. So, understand the protocol of raising a complaint. Become an alert customer and highlight the financial system's deficiency for improved services.


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