Best Platforms To Buy NFTs in India: Blockparty, NFT STARS, WazirX NFT, NFT-X,, Patrn and VeVe

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Non-fungible tokens are an upcoming asset class in the blockchain world. Blockchain is a system of recording data in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. They are seen as digital versions of art items and collectibles.

NFTs can be created from any digital item, and the process is called minting. NFTs reside on the blockchain of the underlying digital item. If the NFT is based on Ethereum, it will live on the Ethereum blockchain, and if it is from some other blockchain like Solana, it will reside there.

NFTs are quickly becoming a new way to earn money. Artists create bespoke pieces or NFT collections and put them for sale on any platform. Once online, NFTs can be sold to anyone for an exchange of native coins for the blockchain. Many people have adopted the business of flipping NFTs for a living, where they find rare and exciting projects, buy NFTs early on, and sell them for a good profit once there is hype around the item.

With increasing interest to invest in NFTs, it is important to have an understanding of the platforms available for transacting in these. So read on to look at the top platforms for buying NFTs in India.

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Blockparty is an NFT marketplace and storefront platform for creators and is the preferred platform for many brands and buyers. The user interface is easy to navigate, and the platform has good opportunities for all. Whether you are a digital art creator or a collector of the elite NFTs, Blockparty gives you many options. You can buy and sell the best NFTs on this marketplace in a very straightforward manner.


NFT Stars is an NFT marketplace where you can buy NFTs based on AVAX and Ethereum-based blockchains. It is an ideal marketplace where you can buy some of the best digital paintings and artworks. If you want to have your own NFT marketplace, NFT Stars provides white labelling services for your projects.


NFT-X is a full-fledged NFT platform that you can use to create, buy, sell and swap some of the best NFT collections. It focuses on Ethereum-based NFTs, and you can get one for yourself at pretty low prices. Many creators use this platform to gain traction, as this platform is home to the prestigious CryptoPunks.


Patrn is a one-of-a-kind NFT platform. Creators pitch their ideas for NFTs, and people support them by their donations via crowdfunding. Once an idea reaches its funding goal, the NFT collection is created, and each donor is given some NFT as a token of their contribution. So if you have a good eye for new ideas, you can be a part of the Patrn community and get the NFTs airdropped.


SolSea is a Solana-based NFT marketplace. SolSea is just like OpenSea, but with support for Solana. You'll find the best ones here if you are looking for NFTs hosted on the Solana blockchain. SolSea allows creators to embed copyright licenses in their NFT.

SolSea is one of the top 10 NFT marketplaces worldwide due to its heavy trading volume. If you see Solana as a promising NFT blockchain, diving in early with NFTs from SolSea will be ideal. is a company that provides a suite of products revolving around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It provides one-of-a-kind card that can be used as a spending card by staking your cryptocurrency. jumped on the NFT bandwagon way before the current hype, and was one of the earliest NFT marketplaces with an international audience. Due to this, finding great projects is easier on, and purchasing and storing them is even easier.


If you love buying NFTs of famous brands, VeVe should be your go-to platform. VeVe is a mobile application-based NFT marketplace where the best brands drop their premium licensed digital collections. Previously, VeVe has successfully hosted NFT collection drops for Marvel, DC, Coca-Cola, and other such global brands.

WazirX NFT

WazirX is a prominent Indian cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, which now also offers an NFT marketplace. This marketplace is specifically aimed at Indian users and NFT collectors. Set up a WazirX account, and buying and selling fantastic NFT assets will be a breeze. If you are a budding Indian artist who wants to explore digital art and NFT space, WazirX will serve as the suitable stepping stone for your endeavours.

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OpenSea is the big daddy of all NFT marketplaces. It is an international marketplace where users can connect their wallets and sell NFTs. Currently, OpenSea supports Ethereum-based NFTs.

OpenSea is an extremely popular NFT marketplace, with $3.5 billion in volume traded every month. Buying NFTs from OpenSea is one of the most straightforward choices because the international creators and community offer more choices here.

If you are looking to flip NFTs and invest in them in the future, you can try your hand on any of the above platforms. NFTs are quickly becoming a much sought-after appreciating asset class and the information above can help you try your hand at it.  


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