Love and Money [Ebook]

Love & Money

About the eBook: 

Noticing the polarizing effects finances can have on the most committed of couples, we take the complexity out of it by laying down some ground rules. Part one is a fun take on love and money, while part two addresses the more pressing concerns of couples by offering advice on making finances a delight, rather than a drain, on your relationship. As a bonus, part three features ideas to spark conversation and candid talk from couples on love and money.


  1. About this e-book
  2. Love & Money: The interconnection
  • How you’ll get your love if you have money & vice-versa?
  • Financial Harmony
  • What your major expenses should be?
  • Starting the money conversation with your mate
  1. How spouses run out of sync about money?
    • When she makes more money- How to deal with the insecurity?
    • How to keep husbands happy if you make more money?
    • Common money problems among couples
    • Financial infidelity: What’s that & how to stop it?
    • Uncommonly smart financial solutions
  2. Couples get cozy over finance
    • How wives’ earning power can change everything positively?
    • Getting richer together
    • Seeing financial goals as one
    • Building a collective financial portfolio- Asset Allocation and diversification
  3. Conclusion and Analysis


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