Gensol Engineering shares gave 960% returns: From Rs 50 to Rs 500 in 10 Months

Gensol Engineering shares escalated significantly from INR 50 to Rs 500 in the last 10 months. This meant a return of over 960% during this period.

Gensol Engineering shares escalated significantly from INR 50 to Rs 500

Shares of one organization have amassed massive profits in just 10 months. We are talking about Gensol Engineering. In the last 10 months, its shares have escalated significantly from INR 50 to Rs 500. During this period, its shares have given investors a whopping return of over 960%. On 27 June 2022, shares of GenSool Engineering reached INR 579.70, which reflects a 52-week high. In the past month, shares of Gensol Engineering have returned nearly 64%.

On August 23, 2021, the organization’s shares on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) were at INR 50.78. The closing was at an astonishing INR 579.70 on June 27. This is the equivalent of an excess of 960% return during this brief period. Suppose an individual made an investment of INR 1 lakh on August 23, 2021, in GenSool Engineering’s shares. The amount, in this case, would be around INR 11.43 lacs.

On December 20, 2021, on BSE, the organization’s shares were at INR 55.70. Afterwards, a very significant escalation took place till June 27, 2022, when its shares closed at INR 579.70 on BSE. With a return that exceeded 750% for the period, a lot of fortunes were made. 

As such, the lives of GenSool Engineering shareholders changed for the better. This was especially true for those shareholders who held and maintained their investments over the period. As such, they were rewarded for their loyalty to the new burgeoning organization which was founded in the year 2012. The return of GenSool Engineering shares has been over 385% so far in 2022. As of now, its share price is INR 580.95.

Gensol Engineering is an engineering and solar design organization. As of now, the organisation has more than 500 members. Its incorporation took place in 2012 as a private limited company. Later on, its status was changed to a public limited company after the members passed a special resolution. 

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