Show your mother you care this Mother’s Day and invest in her future

On this special day dedicated to mother’s everywhere, what will you do to show yours how much she means to you?

Show your mother you care this Mother’s Day and invest in her future

It’s Mother’s Day, and you’re looking for the perfect gift for the woman you love most in the world. The woman who taught you everything you know about being an adult, an individual, a spouse, and a parent. On this special day, dedicated to mothers everywhere, you want to thank yours for always being there for you.

You consider flowers, a new perfume, an expensive handbag, a gadget you think she would adore, but it’s not enough. Then you move on to experiences; a dinner for the two of you, a movie that you both would enjoy, a weekend getaway.

But nothing seems to make the cut.

What you really want to give her is a promise. A promise that you will take care of her like she took care of you, and still does. A promise that you will love her and give her everything she needs and wants and dreams of. A promise that this Mother’s Day, it’s so much more than just a day; it’s about every moment of the past, present and future that she has been the most wonderful mother in the world.

This Mother’s Day, go the extra mile for your mother, and invest in her future. Here are 3 gifts you can give her to ensure she enjoys a long, happy and secure life:

  1. The gift of Peace of Mind

Just like your mother healed every cut with a kiss, and every bruise with a hug, you want to rest assured that you too can provide her the best healthcare treatments when the time comes, no matter how much it costs. It is important to plan in advance to avoid stress later on caused due to a lack of funds.

If she has not already bought a health insurance policy for herself, she can buy Senior Citizen’s Health Insurance after comparing quotes by leading insurers. When choosing the perfect policy, make sure she considers the waiting periods in case of any pre-existing medical conditions, as well as carefully studies the coverage that is being offered.

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In case there is a history of severe critical illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Disease or Diabetes in the family, make sure you opt for a Critical Illness cover- either by buying a standalone CI policy or by adding a CI rider to her Life Insurance policy. To know more, read this guide.

  1. The gift of a Dream Retirement

Your mother may have a particular type of retirement in mind- travelling across the world, starting her own business, or living out her golden years in peace and quiet with your father. To ensure that comes in the way of her dreams, encourage her not to leave her money idle and instead, even after she retires. There are a number of Pension Plans available that she can explore as investment avenues. To ensure that she never runs out of cash to manage day-to-day expenses, she can opt for an Immediate Annuity plan that requires a one-time investment and then will assure her regular income for her entire life.

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  1. The gift of Comfort

Another great way to show your mother you care is to invest a part of your own savings, either as a one-time investment or periodically, in a long term financial product that will appreciate over time. You can consider long term equity investments such as Mutual Funds and Unit Linked Insurance Plans that will grow the money you invest into a much larger amount. Your mother can use this whenever she needs it most- be it for sudden medical care or a cruise around the world that you will be proud to say you yourself have funded!

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No matter which option you choose, this Mother’s Day, just make sure you leave no stone unturned to show your mother how much she means to you.


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