Simple yet effective low-cost branding strategies for online promotion

If you are looking to build your brand without spending a lot of money, try these innovative branding ideas.

Simple yet effective low-cost branding strategies for online promotion

Never underestimate the importance of developing and promoting your business brand to stay ahead of the competition. Branding makes your consumers aware of your existence, gives your business an identity, and adds value. Good branding efforts can address changing consumer needs and trends. In today's digital age, brand development doesn't have to cost a fortune either. 

Let's take a look at some strategies that can help you boost your brand’s visibility and reach – without burning a hole in your pocket.

Blogs and social media

Showcase your expertise and experience in your field of business by setting  up a blog  on your website. Both you and your employees can contribute to it and build awareness about your industry, products, and organisation. By creating content that appeals to your target customers, you generate interest – a kind of inbound digital marketing. But keep your posts current and updated; a blog that hasn't been updated for ages sends out a negative message.

Today, online promotion and social networking have tremendous reach. Identify which social media platforms your target customers are most active on. Boost your presence there and encourage interaction with target customers

Target persona

Getting to know your target audience helps you cater to their needs better. To do this, research your target customers' demographics – their age range, job type, interests, shopping behaviour, etc. Once you have the data, roll it into a semi-fictionalised persona, which represents your target customer. This is what is called a ‘buyer persona’.

Suppose you have created a persona – say, ‘Ritesh’. Zero in on Ritesh's lifestyle, his preferred social media platforms, industry, company size, who he reports to, the tools and software he uses, etc. If, for instance, he is in sales, identify the kind of products he would require, such as sales management or CRM software. List the best ways to reach out to him and to make content appealing to him. Knowing your customers' needs and choices will help you serve them better.

Brand voice

Apart from getting to know your target customers, you want them to also know about your business, your brand image, your products, and what you represent. So develop a unique voice or tone that expresses your brand identity and personality. Using this in your communication can help you get your message across. Such communication could be in the form of blogs, social media posts, e-mailers, or other content. You should try to convey the message through the words or language you employ, and even the images you use in your marketing tools.

For example, if your business caters to the needs of the youth (Gen Z), be sure to stick with language and expressions they can connect with. Use social media channels and pages that are popular with them to get your message to them.

You could also look to grow brand awareness and get free advertising through collaborations or co-branding. If you can find another business that is serving the same customer base, you can share marketing costs and benefit from each other's customer reach.

Try to get customer referrals and positive reviews. In this internet age, it is a common practice for customers to check online reviews extensively before choosing a new service or product.

You will find a range of avenues you can explore to grow your brand on a budget. Do your research smartly. Choose a combination of options that works best to set you on the path to building an awesome brand! Every aspiring entrepreneur must know about these financial tips.


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