Think cash is outdated? Here’s what you can gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan

Think beyond cash! 5 Gifts for your sister this Raksha Bandhan

Think cash is outdated? Here’s what you can gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan

Your brother might tease you and trouble you all year long, but Raksha Bandhan is one day he showers you with love and attention. A beautiful ritual where sisters tie a thread on their brothers’ wrist, strengthening their bond; and brothers promise to protect their sisters from all evil – and give them a gift. Let’s be honest, the gift is the most exciting part of the day!

Traditionally it’s the brother who gives the gift, but with changing times and more superwomen like you being financially independent, Raksha Bandhan sees many sisters giving gifts to their brothers too. The go-to gift is almost always cash, but isn’t that a trifle unimaginative? There are so many exciting, thoughtful gifts that you could exchange instead. 

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So here’s a list of five gifts you can indulge your sibling with:

1)Systematic Investment Plan: Initiating a long-term Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) through a mutual fund is a great way to plan for future needs such as higher education. Equity-based investments, over the long-term, not only offer fabulous returns but are also tax-friendly. A small electronic debit from your account every month will not pinch you but it can help build a sizeable corpus for your sibling. Over time you can initiate them into the world of investing.

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Think cash is outdated Here are some alternative gifts you can give to your sister this Raksha Bandhan

2) Health insurance: Health insurance is something ignored by most young people. Reasons vary from feeling invincible to thinking it’s not required to just not getting round to it. Buying a health insurance policy is a great way of showing your sibling you care. It safeguards them in times of unexpected health concerns and ensures peace of mind for both of you. It is practical, thoughtful, and much-needed in today’s times.

3) Skill classes: Photography, dancing, cooking – wouldn’t your sibling like to learn a new skill? Surprise them by enrolling them in a class they would like. This makes a great gift as you would be giving them an outlet to relieve stress, learn a new life skill, meet new people, and just have a good time. Start snooping around and figure what they desire so you can fulfil it this Raksha Bandhan. 

4) Air tickets: The travel bug has bitten the Instagram generation and in all likelihood, your childhood partner-in-crime is affected as well. Getting them flight tickets to a destination on their bucket list will definitely send them over the moon. It can perhaps be a little expensive, but you will be giving them an experience of a lifetime. If you can spare the money and time, join them on the vacation and build beautiful memories.

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5) Gold/Gold ETFs: Which girl does not like jewellery? The shiny metal has hypnotised women for generations. Get your sister a stunning pair of gold earrings or a beautiful ring. Gold not only makes a great gift, it is also an investment for the future. Electronically Traded Funds (gold ETFs) make a great multipurpose investment tool. You can make periodic purchases that will appreciate over time, and you can also take delivery of the said gold if it’s required for urgent purposes such as a wedding, higher education, etc.

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Have we given you enough ideas? Now go and surprise your sibling. Happy Raksha Bandhan!



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