10 best banks in India: Your 2023 guide

India is home to a range of banks that are known for their high safety and security levels, customer satisfaction, infrastructure, technology, and products. So, read on to know about the top 10 banks in 2023.

2023 guide to best banks
  • Know the best and largest banks with a pan India network 
  • Discover revenue and market cap of top banks in 2023
  • Find out which banks ace the digital and tech innovation space 
  • Learn what makes the best banks in India stand out from competition

As a citizen of Digital India, it is important to stay in the loop about the best and largest banks in the country. This can help you make informed decisions regarding your bank accounts and financial product purchases. 

Factors for qualifying as a top bank in India

The modern banking landscape is fast-changing owing to rapidly advancing technology and market trends; know the factors that are shaping and impacting India’s best banks. 

  • Minimal non-performing assets

Gross non-performing assets can help you understand where the top banks stand in terms of short to mid-term stability. 

  • Year-On-Year (Y-o-Y) net profits 

When a bank delivers a sustained or upward trend in net profits, it reflects on its management, portfolio strength, and growth prospects. This makes net profits an important contributor when it comes to the best banks in India in 2023. 

  • Technology prowess and customer-centricity 

A banking institution’s approach to investments in technology, digital platforms, and customer-centric innovation is key to customer experience and business growth.

A comprehensive list of the best banks in India 

Based on the above-mentioned factors, here is a list of the best and largest banks in India in 2023. It is important to use this as a guide and do your own research before arriving at a conclusion about the top banks for your financial requirement.

A comprehensive list of the best banks in India

Key services to expect at the best banks in India 

While all the top banks in the country are fast adopting technology and expanding their portfolios to offer customer-centric services and products, here are the key services that make them stand out. 

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Key services to expect at the best banks in India

To summarise, when it comes to the best Indian banks, there are multiple contenders. However, it is important to do your research, consider the parameters that are most critical to you, and then arrive at a conclusion. 

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