Reasons for gender parity in crypto investments: Women better at saving, COVID acting as a breakthrough

Read about how things are changing and how women's engagement in crypto is increasing rapidly; in some cases, it is faster than their investment in any other asset class.

Historically in our society, women have been under-represented when it comes to personal finance in general. Blame it on the male dominant system or a lack of time on women’s part or never getting the opportunity to take interest or control in managing personal finance. Another reason why women generally shied away from investments in equity asset classes is that they are generally more cognisant of risk, and as a result, they tend to focus more on being prudent and saving cash or gold. While globally, women are massively under-represented when it comes to participating in investing, the gap in India is much wider. So much so that: India, the sixth-biggest equity market globally, ranks in the bottom quartile when it comes to female participation in the stock markets. While other emer...


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