How to set up UPI AutoPay using QR codes for recurring payments

Setting up UPI Autopay for recurring payments on QR codes is a 2-step process requiring less than a minute.

UPI AutoPay on QR

Failure to pay your utility bills, payments, and premiums on time can invite suspension of services and unsolicited penalties. Your insurance policy may lapse if the premium isn't paid on time. 

An easy and quick way to avoid this is to set up UPI AutoPay. Let's explore this in detail.

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  • You can set up UPI AutoPay for your recurring bills in a few simple steps on your UPI app. 
  • AutoPay can be set up through your UPI mobile app, net banking, or using QR codes. 
  • Choose the amount, frequency, and time period of payments for your UPI AutoPay. 

What's UPI AutoPay? 

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched the UPI AutoPay feature in 2020. The AutoPay feature allows users to make recurring payments via UPI. 

Consumers can set auto-debit conditions on their UPI apps linked to their bank accounts. 

UPI AutoPay feature has seen a 143% year-on-year growth as of June 2023. It is becoming a popular choice among users.

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How to set up UPI AutoPay?

Here's a step-by-step guide to set up recurring payments using UPI AutoPay debit:

  1. Register for UPI AutoPay through your favourite UPI app, like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. 

  2. Provide your merchant's UPI ID, amount to be debited, frequency of payments, and validity period for such recurring payments. 

  3. You will receive a notification for authorisation of the AutoPay request.

  4. Authorise the same using your UPI PIN. 

  5. Once the PIN is verified, you receive a confirmation on your registered email and mobile number. 

  6. Voila! Your AutoPay is activated. The payments will now get activated as per the instructions. 

There are no charges for UPI AutoPay debit. 

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Other methods to set up UPI AutoPay

You can use any UPI app to set up your recurring payments. You can also use internet banking to set up AutoPay debit from your savings account.

AutoPay on QR: Merchants can offer UPI AutoPay by generating a QR code for regular payments. A QR code can be created for all their subscription offerings and include the same with their visual and print ads or even product packaging. 

You may sometimes receive a QR code with your monthly bill payment. That's a QR code meant for UPI AutoPay. 

UPI AutoPay revolutionises payments like never before 

India's UPI is one of the most successful use cases for online payments. UPI AutoPay will further transform the way we manage our payments and billings. 

The streamlining and ease will bring more users online, pushing the idea of Digital India forward by several notches.

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