Find Out The Recent DoPT Instructions and Changes That Will Affect Every Central Government Employee

These DoPT rule changes and clarifications will affect all central government employees and change the way they raise claims.

Children Education Allowance

In a memorandum released on 25 August 2023, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) gave clarity on the submission norm for children education allowance (CEA) and hostel subsidy. In other related developments, the DoPT also renewed the need for e-HRMS in all departments. The department had also notified new childcare leave rules earlier last month.

  • The Department of Personnel and Training released an office memo in late August 2023

  • The central government employees now have clear instructions on the submission of children education allowance

  • DoPT is pushing for digitisation of human resource management in government departments and offices

  • The DoPT has revised childcare leave as a paid leave for up to 730 days

The Fresh Clarification and Related Developments

Here are the recent developments and announcements made on employee-related affairs made by the DoPT. 

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  • Stick to your department - In its memorandum, the DoPT mentioned that it has been receiving CEA reimbursement claims from many central government employees. The department has now asked all such employees to instead submit those claims in their respective offices or departments. In the case of claims made on behalf of deceased employees, the submission must be made in the last place of employment.

  • Going digital – e-HRMS (Human Resource Management System) has been implemented in many government departments and offices. Employees of such workplaces can now submit their CEA claims directly in the e-HRMS platform. Addressing all the ministries and departments that don’t have e-HRMS implemented, DoPT has requested them to implement the same.

  • Childcare leave – Released a few days earlier, the new childcare leave rule of the DoPT states that All India Services members (AIS) will be allowed up to two years of childcare leave. Accordingly, a female member and a single male member of AIS can be granted childcare leave by a competent authority. 

This leave can be for a maximum of 730 days during the entire period of service. This leave will be available to take care of child care needs like health and education, for a maximum of two eldest surviving children. The leave can be availed of only till the age of the children is less than eighteen years. It will be a paid leave.  


All central government employees may note these instructions and rule changes of the DoPT. Central government employees whose employer has not yet implemented e-HRMS may expect the same soon and may understand its workings proactively. 

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