Healthy, happy and financially free

Get the best of both worlds with tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget

Wish to be healthy, happy and financially free? Read on to know how!
Most people assume that a healthy lifestyle is much more expensive than living off crisps and soda. And this isn’t an entirely unfair assumption since a bowl of salad is often priced much higher than a regular burger.
However, if you’re still trying to follow through on your New Year’s health resolutions and enter 2020 strong, here are some smart ways to cut corners and save money while maintaining a healthy lifestyle:
Plan your meals in advance
Everyone in the health and fitness industry – whether their goal is to build muscle, lose fat, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle – talks about the benefits of meal prepping. It gives your mind clear instructions of what your weekly food platter looks like, making you less likely to order something unhealthy and expensive when hunger pangs strike.

Bump up portions with affordable ingredients
Planning to make chicken stew for dinner? How about adding some bell peppers? While you may need to eat a specified amount of food to meet your daily calorie requirements, you can easily increase the ‘volume’ with cheaper ingredients such as eggs and vegetables.

Leverage bulk saving options
Now that you have an idea of what you’re eating for the week, you can buy ingredients in bulk. Bulk purchase is not only cheaper, it also rakes up solid loyalty points at the supermarket, which you can redeem later.

Choose fresh and in-season produce
Seasonal produce is much cheaper than its off-season counterparts. Plus, you can always freeze them for longer shelf life.

Make coupons and sales your BFF
Remember the time Caroline from 2 Broke Girls discovered the powers of coupons? Coupons are a frugal person’s magic ticket to getting the same items for a lower price. Also try to stock up on non-perishable items such as spices, cheese, etc. during a sale.

Go easy with the fancy ingredients
Healthy swaps are great but there’s no need to drizzle that expensive virgin olive oil or use ranch dressing to enhance the flavour. Make your own dips with more affordable alternatives like yogurt and mint, or simply use local spices instead of exotic ones.

Get your protein without spending a bomb
High-protein diets are all the rage, and they are indeed great for every health goal. Try to get them from cheaper sources, such as eggs and chicken thighs instead of more expensive cuts.

Repurpose leftovers
Have some of that amazing grilled chicken you made last night still in the fridge? How about adding some leafy greens and beans to it and make a burrito on the go, or mix it into your morning omelette? This will up its quantity as well as its nutrient content.

Ditch the gym membership
Fitness enthusiasts swear by gym workouts. Sure, a gym membership does help if you are regular, but those who go to the gym sporadically will quickly notice that the hefty annual fee isn’t helping your cause.

You can go running, do body weight exercises, or enrol for short-term Zumba classes that are much cheaper. With so many home workout videos on the internet, you wouldn’t even miss the gym or feel guilty for not going.
Health should be one of your topmost priorities and money constraints shouldn’t deter you from walking the path of good health. Here’s hoping that the article equipped you with a few money-saving tips to ring in the New Year with a fitter and healthier you!


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