Do you find OPS better than NPS? Switch from NPS to OPS. Know the eligibility criteria and deadline to switch.

DoPT announced the one-time option for all the AIS officers and eligible government employees to switch from NPS to OPS before the stipulated date.


On 13th July 2023, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) announced that All-India Services (AIS) officers would have a one-time opportunity to switch from the National Pension System (NPS) to the Old Pension Scheme (OPS). According to NPS latest news, officers eligible to exercise this option - “but choose not to exercise it within the stipulated date” would continue under the NPS only. 

  • On 13 July 2023, DoPT said that the government had offered a one-time option for AIS officers and other eligible members to switch to OPS from NPS.

  • According to the DoPT, government employees must fulfil certain criteria to be eligible for switching NPS to OPS.  

  • The last date to exercise this option is November 30, 2023. 

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What are the eligibility criteria to switch from NPS to OPS option? 

According to the DoPT, selected government employees who fulfil the following criteria are eligible to switch from NPS to the OPS option. 

  • The AIS officer who was appointed against post/vacancy that was notified of recruitment before 22nd December 2003 (NPS notification date), and is covered under NPS from the joining date or after 1st January 2004. 

  • The AIS member recruited through the Civil Service Examination (2003 or 2004) and Indian Forest Service Examination (2003). 

  • The members of service who were in other central government services (covered under CCS Pension Rules, 2021, earlier 1972) before they joined AIS. 

When is the last date to switch to OPS from NPS?  

The DoPT notified it clearly that all the AIS officers who want to switch from NPS to OPS must exercise this option before 30th November 2023. The date is final and binding; no other chance will be allotted to the officials. 

What is the process for the accounting corpus in the NPS account after switching to OPS? 

The members of service who switch to OPS must subscribe to the General Provident Fund (GPF). Then, the following process will continue, as stated by the DoPT.  

  • Employees’ contribution adjustment - The amount in the NPS account will be credited to the individual’s GPF account with up-to-date interest. 

  • Government contribution adjustment - The amount the central and state government contributed towards NPS will be credited to the central or state government account, respectively. 

  • Appreciation of investment adjustment - The increased subscription value because of the appreciation of investment will be credited to the central and state government (as the case may be). 

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Switching from NPS to OPS is a one-time option; know all about OPS vs NPS and check out the eligibility criteria and the last date. To understand how to choose the NPS fund, check their past performances and returns and compare them with OPS. This will help you make informed decisions. 

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