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Savings vs Investment

Here is a guide to the difference between the two most fundamental parts of any investor's financial portfolio- Savings and investments- and when to use each to grow your wealth.

7 Government schemes to aid economic development and financial stability that you can benefit from

From financial inclusion to better health care, these government-backed schemes are helping to improve the overall quality of life for society’s less fortunate population.

5 Gold schemes offered by jewellers and how they work

Have you heard of gold schemes offered by jewellers? Is it a smart way to buy gold?

Fixed vs growth mindset - How do investors behave?

How a growth mindset investor operates differently from a fixed mindset investor, and how they eventually excel because of their mindset

Do's and don’ts of work from home

Here is a list of dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when your bedroom also doubles up as your office.

Post Office Small Saving Schemes: Latest Interest Rates And New Norms

Regulated by the Ministry of Finance, Post Office small savings schemes are popular investment instruments. Here are the updated interest rates

Moving abroad for work? 15 Things you must do

If the move is for the long-term, there are a lot of things to plan for and essentials to take care of before you leave town

Want to quit your job to start a business? Here’s why you need to rethink

Find out what will change and what will you miss when you stop working and start pursuing your own business venture instead.


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