Diwali and festivals

anuran : Wed, 10/30/2019 - 15:54

1. How can we make 2019 Diwali better than 2018 Diwali?

Diwali is always a special occasion for Indians and we celebrate the festival by meeting friends, eating out, gifting and shopping and of course, with the festive lights. You must have some fond Diwali memories from 2018. This year you can make it even more special.

The festive season is the best time to buy automobiles. But this year it is an even more lucrative proposition. The recent demand slowdown has prompted automakers to offer “never before” deals in car purchases. So this Diwali you can make it special by going for a very profitable car purchase deal. However, while doing so go through comprehensive car buying guide to know everything about buying cars. 

2. How will you spend your money for this upcoming Diwali?

People look forward to Diwali as the time when they spend their money on things that they aspire to buy all year long. This is the best time to spend because goods and service providers and shopping platforms offer excellent deals on purchases. Some of the most common things where your money may be spent are Diwali gifts, clothing, gems and jewellery, home appliances, home décor and renovations, and food. 

Whatever be the items on your shopping list, this article makes sure that you have the best credit cards to fuel your shopping spree. This article lists down some of the best cards to use during the shopping season.

3. Will Diwali make gold shine brighter?

Gold dealers are a bit sceptical about the sale of gold this Diwali. The price of the yellow metal is almost prohibitive now and they fear that this might ward off many buyers. Added to this, the demand depression in the country is also likely to have a detrimental effect on the sale of gold during the festive season. Gold is currently priced at around 20% higher than its price last year. 

To know more about how the gold market was and continues to be affected by various factors, you can go through this detailed and informative article.

4. Why is Dhanteras auspicious for buying gold? 

Dhanteras is considered to be an auspicious day for buying gold, silver and utensils. Families, as well as businessmen, make sure that they invest in gold on this festive day. In fact, the sale of gold generally soars during the festive season, which includes Dussehra, Diwali and Dhanteras. 

While buying gold during this festive season, this article can guide you by answering some of the most basic questions about a gold purchase. These are questions whose answer you should find out while going for gold purchase. To get the best deal the next time you buy gold, watch this video.

5. How do I plan for Diwali shopping? 

When it comes to jewellery for Diwali shopping or any shopping for that matter, there are a few ground rules. Knowing your shopping list and your budget will help you to buy everything you need and avoid overspending. The festive season is when every seller tries to capitalise on the demand boom and offer attractive prices on their products. Your plan should be to identify the best deals, which could be offered by shopping malls, street vendors or online platforms. Go through this interesting article to know the things you end up buying JUST for Diwali. 

6. What time of the year is best to buy a car in India?

The festive season is also the best time to buy a car in India. This favourable period runs all the way up to the New Year. Find out how you can make the most out of your car purchase if you buy one during the festive season in this informative article