Onset of festive season

anuran : Fri, 11/01/2019 - 12:10

What time of the year is best to buy a car in India?

The festive season in India, which generally ranges between October to December, is regarded as the best time to buy cars. This is the time of the year when automakers offer a host of offers and schemes to cash in on the festive spirit. As the calendar year ends, they try to end the year on a high and these offers continue well into the New Year. This year you have an added incentive to buy cars during the festive season. Because of the slowdown in auto industry, the car market is seeing offers that were never seen before. Even car finances are getting more profitable with giants like SBI offering attractive car loan schemes. To know all about buying a car during the festive season you must read this article

How do I plan for Diwali shopping?

The cornerstone of any shopping spree should be to first understand the requirement of your household. This will make sure you don’t end up buying stuff that you don’t use later or regret buying in the first place. This will make it easier for you to create a shopping list, weigh your finances to see what you can afford and what you can’t. It is also important to identify the best deals beforehand, be it an online store or a street vendor.

One important part of Diwali shopping is taking care of your own health and safety. While we often spend on our wants, Diwali is the right time to make sure we protect ourselves against medical exigencies. This article explains why the festive season is the perfect time for a health insurance 

Why do Indians spend so much money on festivals such as DURGA PUJA? Can’t we use the fund for development purposes?

At a time when many industries are hoping that people celebrate the festive season and give a boost to the economy, diverting such funds towards development purposes can be counterproductive. Festivities and development are two completely different subjects and funds used in them shouldn’t be deemed interchangeable. With the demand slowdown, if people who can spend do spend, it will actually benefit the market in general. At the same time, the government do have important development schemes in operation, which will continue in spite of the fact that people spend on Durga Puja, Diwali and Christmas, or not. Learn more about development schemes here.

How can I spend a festival day without money?

Contrary to popular beliefs, a festival is the perfect time NOT to spend money. There are plenty of things during the festivals that are free and entertaining. You can hop between Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali celebrations that are publicly organised and free for all. Shopping centres are abuzz with people and if you are lucky you can catch a cultural or musical event too.

However, if you are wondering about the best way to use a credit card during festivals, we suggest you go through this article. Even without any physical money, you can flash one of these cards and make sure that you spend on festivities in the right way.

How people should stop unnecessary expenses during festivals? 

Best way to curb unnecessary expenses during the festive season is to develop a round-the-year financial discipline. People who spend unnecessarily during the festive season are unlikely to remain prudent during the rest of the year. Inversely, financially disciplined and well-planned people manage to spend wisely not only during festivals but on any given day.

To cultivate the habit of good financial practices, let this article inspire you.