What are the essential steps when filing a car insurance claim?

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You can file your car insurance claim in a few easy steps –

  1. Inform your insurer immediately before you send your car for repair.
  2. Fill out the claim form.

Damages to your own car –

  1. Save and submit your garage bills for reimbursement.

Damages for third party

  1. If a third party sends you a legal notice or claims damages, you should inform your insurer before communicating with them.
  2. Submit the following to your insurer –
  1. A copy of the notice to your insurer.
  2. A copy of your RC book.
  3. A copy of the FIR

Once the claim is approved -

  1. Submit your RC book to your insurer for transferr.
  2. Handover the keys of the vehicle to the insurer.
  3. Submit a notarized indemnity.

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