What does car insurance cover?

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Car Insurance is a legal requirement. A basic plan covers the following -

  1. Bodily injury – to self, passengers, and third party.
  2. Property damage – to self, passengers, and third party (in certain states only)

In addition to the above, you can include the following in a comprehensive plan –

  1. Natural calamities – fire, explosion, lightning, flood, typhoon, storm, etc.
  2. Man-made calamities – burglary, theft, riot, malicious act etc.
  3. Personal accident cover for driver.

A Third party insurance would cover –

  1. Third party includes anyone other than the insurer and the insured who has suffered loss.
  2. The insurance covers loss or damage to such persons.

Car insurance does not cover repairs, accidents that happen when driving without license or under influence. It does not cover war, mutiny, and nuclear risk.

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