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Beneficiary is the person who is designated to receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy, annuity or retirement plan. A beneficiary need not be only an individual; it can also be trust, organization or any other entity.

Balanced Investment Strategy

It is a strategy of investment wherein assets are allocated in a manner that the risks and returns are carefully balanced. This strategy spreads assets equally between equity and fixed income instruments.


A licensed individual or a firm that is authorized to execute buying and selling orders (pertaining to shares, bonds or mutual funds) of an investor in return for a commission or fees.


A budget refers to the written estimation of one's expenses and income over a specific future time frame usually a year. This can be prepared for an individual, company or institution.

Bank Account Statement

It is the summary of all the financial transactions undertaken by an individual or institution holding an account in a bank over a specified period of time. It is sent out by the bank to the account holder periodically.

Blue Chip Company

A company which has a long standing reputation of offering high quality goods as well as services to consumers. Even in the face of adverse economic situations, such companies continue to grow at a steady pace, operate profitably, and enjoy the status of an industry leader.


A debt investment wherein an investor loans funds to a corporate or governmental entity at a fixed or variable interest rate for a particular period of time. Bonds are used by these entities to fund various projects and activities.

Bear Market

It refers to a period of several months or years during which stock prices continually fall and the stock markets exhibit a general downward trend.

Bull Market

It refers to a period of several months or years during which stock prices continually rise and the stock market exhibits a general upward trend.

Balance Sheet

A financial statement that lists out the summary of assets and liabilities of an individual at any given point of time is known as the balance sheet.


It is essentially the legal status of an individual or an organization that is unable to pay the debts it owes to its creditors due to lack of resources. An entity is declared bankrupt by court order after evaluation and acceptance of a bankruptcy petition filed by the debtor.

Health Insurance Riders


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