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Cafeteria plan

a benefit plan for employees that allows them to choose benefits according to their individual needs; be it taxable and nontaxable, or qualified, benefit options for employees.

Capital loss

the loss incurred when the sale price of an asset such as property or an investment, is lesser than its purchase price.

Cash flow

The total amount of money transferred in and out of a business, during a specific time period is known as cashflow.


An addition to an existing will that explains, alters or explains some or all of the the provisions in a will.

Custodial account

An account created with a financial institution by an adult on behalf of a minor. The adult alone has control of the account until the minor reaches maturity and turns 18 years of age.


Collectible refers to an asset available in limited quantity but perceived to be of high value. These assets are not easily convertible into cash. Most common types of collectibles are fine art, antique furniture, toys, coins etc.

Credit Limit

The upper limit on the amount of money that an individual can borrow using a single credit card from a bank or a financial institution is known as the credit limit.

Capital gain

the profit made when the sale price of an asset such as property or an investment, is more than its purchase price.

Capital loss carryover

the total amount of capital losses that cannot be deducted from the current tax year but can be carried over into future tax years.

Closed end fund

a collective investment model in which a fixed number of shares are issued at the time of initial public offer after which no shares are further issued even if there is high investor demand for the same. The total capital accumulated through such funds remains fixed.

Committed expenses

Living expenses one needs to afford facilities required to maintain a such as housing, food clothing, transportation, education and insurance. Committed expenses include all the expenses necessary to maintain a person's basic lifestyle such as housing, food, clothing, transportation, education, and insurance.


An asset that an individual uses to guarantee a loan and agrees to let go of in the event of failure to repay the loan is known as collateral.


A sudden, temporary decline in the prices of stocks while the stock market is exhibiting a general upward trend is known as correction.

Current Account

It is a type of bank account specifically tailored to meet the needs of businessmen and professionals who indulge in multiple financial transactions in a single day (non

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