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A person or organisation that owes money to another person or organization.


Domicile is a person's or an organization's primary residence for tax purposes.

Discretionary income

Discretionary income is the difference between your income and your expenses. The expenses covered here include the money spent on luxury items, vacations and non essential goods and services.

Debt Financing

The act of raising capital for meeting the operational needs of an organization by means of borrowing. The organization issues bills or securities to lenders with the assurance that their debt will be repaid along with the interest within the agreed time span.


Decrease in the value of an asset over a period of time due to use or wear and tear.


Deflation is the general decrease in prices of goods and services which can last for a few months to a couple of years. It is expressed as the rate at which the prices of goods and services decline over time. It is


The revelation of all relevant financial information associated with a company that might influence the investment decision of an investor in that company.

Deferred annuity

Is a type of annuity that postpones income or instalments until the investor chooses to receive them. This type of annuity that has two stages the first is the Savings Phase where you put money into the account, and the second is Income Phase where the collected money is converted into an annuity and you start receiving payments.

Discretionary expenses

Discretionary expenses are the living expenses that are not needed to ensure the basic lifestyle of an individual. These expenses mostly include things that are often defined as "wants" rather than "needs".


The strategy of investing your money in different asset classes so as to minimize the risk of loss and maximize returns.


This term refers to an individual or a company's inability to timely pay off the principal or interest due on a financial obligation such as a loan or other forms of debt.


It is a legal document with which an individual transfers the rights of ownership of a property or any other asset to another individual.


It is an extreme state wherein the economy suffers from severe form of economic inactivity characterized by high level of unemployment, decrease in income as well as production, reduced credit availability, low volume of trade and commerce. It usually lasts for a period of two or more years.

Down Payment

It is the payment made in cash mode initially at the time of purchase of a high priced good or service. It reflects only a percentage of the total purchase amount, the remaining of which is paid in installments over a period of time.

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