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EEE Tax Benefit

When a financial product offers an investor the EEE Tax Benefit i.e. Exempt Exempt Exempt, this means that the funds invested in that product, the capital gains and interest income earned on that product, and the withdrawals made from that product, are all exempt from tax.


Fraudulently gaining control of another person or organization's money, by force or scam strategies.


A condition in an insurance policy that restricts or removes coverage for certain risks, people, property classes, or locations.

Effective date

The date when the insurance policy starts.

Endowment Plan

A savings life insurance policy which has a specific maturity date. In case of an unfortunate event such as the death of the insured, a death benefit equal to the sum assured is paid to the beneficiaries. If the insured survives, he/she receives the maturity benefit.

Health Insurance Riders


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