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Entering into a contract with an individual or a company on false grounds by making statements which are not truthful.

Margin of Solvency

The total value of assets in possession of an insurance company must exceed its liabilities by a significant amount as a rule. This amount is known as the margin of Solvency.

Material Fact

Material fact is an important fact pertaining to the subject of insurance and its significance is such that it can alter the decision of the insurer to offer the policy at the agreed rate.


A book which elaborates upon the coverage, tenure, returns as well as the applicable terms and conditions of an of insurance policy.

Marine Insurance

A type of insurance which provides coverage for loss or damage of cargo in transit over land, air or water. It also offers protection to ships in case of any damage caused while it is transporting good from one point to another.

Mortality Charges

Also known as Cost of Insurance, this is the amount charged by the insurance company to provide life cover to the life insured.

Health Insurance Riders


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