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The Glittering Prize: Why Gold is the Ultimate Investment for Retail Investors

Discover why retail investors are turning to gold as the ultimate investment choice this year. Don't miss out on the golden opportunity. Read this article to know more.

Silver Set to Outshine Gold: A Look into the Reasons Behind the Precious Metal's Bullish Run

Silver, also known as the 'poor man's gold', has been making headlines in the investor community. With predictions of reaching its nine-year high and outperforming gold, precious metal has become a popular topic. Let's delve deeper to understand it better.

Digital gold investments: A modern way to embrace tradition during this festive seasonq

As the festive season approaches in September, discover why more and more Indians are turning to digital gold to celebrate special occasions this September.

Gold Purchase in Wife's Name: Who has the Tax Liability on the Sale of Gold?

What is the tax liability on the sale of gold and who is liable when making a gold purchase in wife's name?

Gold Jewellery Storage & Tax Rules: Limits, Taxation, and Compliance Explained

Uncover gold jewellery storage limits, tax rules, and compliance guidelines. Stay informed about taxation to ensure a lawful and enjoyable gold experience.

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) 2023-24 issuance dates realeased by RBI. Read All Key Details.

All the necessary information on Sovereign Gold Bonds 2023-24 for investors interested in long-term non-physical gold investment with fixed interest income.

RBI’s Latest Announcement On Premature Redemption Of SGBs

A snapshot of the latest SGB premature redemption timeline declared by the RBI and other SGB redemption-related information.

Gold Prices Fall To a 3-Month Low on the Back of US Federal Rate Hikes

The US Federal Reserve stated that the US economy was quite strong and the inflation did not fall as expected. As such, they would be hiking the interest rates in the coming year. This caused gold prices to tumble and reach a 3-month low.