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Double digit returns: Is it a good time to invest in gold or silver funds amidst a rally?

We expect silver and gold to provide a good return this year after performing well last year.

Will IIBX help realise the ‘one nation, one gold rate’ objective?

The IIBX will enable jewellers to bypass banks and buy gold directly from international sellers, saving on the commission. This will benefit jewellers, who can also pass on those benefits to consumers.

Top 5 Countries With the Highest Demand For Gold

In many countries, the yellow metal is also seen as a form of investment and is passed down from generation to generation to be helpful for a rainy day. Read on to know the list of five countries with the highest demand for gold.

Worried about war, uncertainty, inflation? Protect your portfolio with the best gold ETFs 2022

Since the start of 2022, uncertain events such as war, supply chain disruptions, high inflation, rising interest rates, etc., have gripped the world. During such times, gold ETFs can be a saviour.

Top 10 Countries With The Largest Gold Reserves

Every country in the world wants to offset its economy. Hoarding gold is one of the best ways. As the price of gold increases, so does their currency and economy. The top 10 countries that hoarded the most significant amount of this shiny metal are listed below.

Gold vs Silver : Which is Better Option for Investment?

Comparison of gold and silver as an investment option

How will interest rates hike affect gold and silver prices in 2023? Should you invest in gold and silver?

While it might seem tempting to purchase precious metals, you should balance your asset allocation.