Outlook for gold this festive season. Digital Gold, SGBs, Gold ETF

Gold is a multi-purpose asset that can serve various functions in your portfolio. This article talks about the fundamental traits of the precious metal and factors that impact its value. Furthermore, the article analyses price drivers such as inflation, equity markets and currency pressure, among others, to understand trends for the coming years. You will also be able to get a glimpse of the different digital channels along with their pros and cons that you can use to make an informed decision about adding gold to your investment portfolio.

With NIFTY chasing and breaking ATHs, one might wonder if there is any other asset class even worth thinking about. However, irrespective of whether we are in a bullish or bearish equity market phase, there is one asset that is just so multipurpose and evergreen that its place in one’s portfolio is critical. Yes, we are talking about gold! A multipurpose asset class Gold as asset class is useful in multiple ways:  Ornamental and religious value: Gold has always been valuable as ornaments in every Indian household, but it also has religious associations. This makes gold an evergreen asset that continues to be very popular. Liquidity: While there are asset classes like real estate that are often illiquid, Gold tends to be a very liquid asset and can be sold fairly quickly an...


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