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Should you hold 2 Super top-up Health insurance policies at the same time?

A Super top-up insurance policy provides extended medical coverage in addition to the coverage provided by the basic insurance policy.

What to do if you miss declaring your health condition while buying an insurance policy?

Making a mistake while filling out the application form or intentionally hiding a health condition can lead to serious consequences for the health insurance holder. The insurance company has the right to cancel the policy in case details about the health condition of the policyholder are found inaccurate.

Personal health insurance for Government Employees: Things you should know!

Government schemes provide health insurance coverage to government employees, which can be claimed in a medical emergency. Employees must understand whether they need to purchase personal health insurance or not.

This is how employees can ask for additions to their group health policy

A Flexi GMC is the best go-to option for a group health insurance plan.

Don't Risk Your Health: Securing Personal Health Insurance During Layoffs

Do you know the importance of personal health insurance during layoffs? If not, read this article

Why your medical insurance claim might be delayed? What can you do?

Reduce the chance of delay of your medical insurance claim!

How to reduce your health insurance premium if you already have an employer-sponsored health insurance plan?

Reduce your personal health insurance premium if you have an employer-sponsored plan!


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