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Get Fit, Save Big: The Incredible Benefits of Exercise on Health Insurance Costs!

Protect your health and your wallet with preventive healthcare and health insurance. Discover how staying fit can save you money on premiums and earn your rewards. Learn more now!

What is the ESIC scheme? Know everything about ESIC eligibility and benefits

The ESIC Scheme offers protection to workers with numerous ESIC benefits. Workers with ESIC eligibility criteria are facilitated with some health insurance covered by a government organisation.

Fired or quit the job? Port your group health insurance to personal insurance!

The IRDAI suggests that an employee covered by company health insurance can migrate to family or individual coverage.

5 Essential Things to Do Before Choosing a Critical Illness Plan

Choosing a critical illness plan is crucial when planning for the future and protecting your savings. Here are some of the questions you need to ask before deciding on the perfect plan for you

Don't Risk Your Health: Securing Personal Health Insurance During Layoffs

Do you know the importance of personal health insurance during layoffs? If not, read this article

Claim Experience: How Individual and Group Health Plans Differ

Individual and group health plans differ in their waiting periods, risk pool, and negotiated rates. Individual plans offer more customization and control but may have higher premiums and limited bargaining power, while group plans offer lower premiums and greater bargaining power but may have limited benefits and healthcare provider networks.

6 Tips to lower your health insurance premiums in 2023

Keeping in mind the current society and variety of diseases emerging, health insurance is important in each individual’s life. Increasing demands for health insurance have also increased the price range of health insurance premium outgo. But there are a few ways available that can save on insurance premium outgo.

This is how employees can ask for additions to their group health policy

A Flexi GMC is the best go-to option for a group health insurance plan.


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