4 Reasons why you need health insurance during Diwali

Here's why you need a suitable health insurance plan to safeguard yourself from financial exigencies this Diwali.

4 Reasons why you need health insurance during Diwali

Diwali is the most important festival in most parts of India. It calls for large-scale celebrations and a nationwide festive mood, the effect of which can be seen in all aspects of life – none more than the propensity to spend. 

As per the findings of a recent survey, 20% of the respondents said they plan to avoid spending altogether during Diwali. Of the rest, 32% were undecided while the remaining either claimed they would spend in moderation or go all guns blazing. But what do people generally spend on? Some popular Diwali expenditures include bonuses for employees, renovation of one’s house, buying gifts, shopping, lighting up the house and office, and so on. 

It is interesting to note that people seldom hesitate to spend on a fresh coat of paint to protect their house from the weather, or to buy gifts for their near and dear ones, but gifting oneself the protection of health insurance is often overlooked. Here’s why you shouldn’t:

1. When so much money is being spent, why not a little more? 

It’s Diwali, and much money is being spent on a lot of things. So why not loosen your purse strings a bit more and get a good health insurance? A family health insurance can be the ideal gift for the family as well, though the kids might need some convincing. It may be a psychological thing, but spending in one go makes sense. Many car buyers would agree that the best time to buy car accessories is while buying the car itself. After all, one doesn’t feel the pinch of spending a few thousands on a fancy music system when lakhs are being spent on the car anyway. Similarly, we can squeeze in a health insurance premium in between the sweets, gifts, dresses, and decorative lights.

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2. Enjoy Diwali without a care 

Although it’s not recommended that people with health problems should let loose during festivities, they should at least be able to – and probably deserve to – enjoy the occasion with a little flexibility in their daily life. A diabetic shouldn’t have to sweat over the consequences of eating one laddoo too many, which is hard to resist in any case. And if someone is asthmatic, they should be able to go out for a few minutes rather than spend the entire day hiding from the smog. Besides, it is near-impossible to escape some of the health hazards caused by Diwali celebrations, such as breathing difficulties. It is prudent to get a health insurance policy so that even if someone needs medical attention, insurance is there as a protective financial cover.

3. An accident could be round the corner

During Diwali, people are in a festive mood and can be a little less alert than usual. A slightly wonky Diwali rocket can reduce an entire bungalow to ashes, just as the carelessness of a tipsy driver can cause harm to innocent pedestrians. While we may try to enjoy a safe Diwali, many people tend to go overboard during festivities, ending up harming themselves as well as others. Standing between the insured person and harm is health insurance, providing an extra layer of protection.

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4. It’s a good deal – if you were planning for it anyway

Diwali is that time of the year when the most lucrative offers hit the Indian market. Brands are in a mood to offer that extra discount to reel in as many customers as possible during the peak shopping season. So, it is always a good idea to compare health insurance plan floating in the market and find the one that suits your needs.

Health insurance enables a person with limited income to avail of expensive medical services and facilities that would otherwise have been beyond their financial capability. Since the pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses are taken care of by the insurance, the insured is able to use the money saved to go for regular checkups and buy medicines. 

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These policies also offer a tax rebate under the Indian Income Tax Act, and accept pre-existing diseases of the insured. So, although getting a health insurance is a good decision any time of the year, getting it during Diwali ensures healthy and safe festivities as well!


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