All you need to know about the health insurance policy for live-in relations and LGBTQIA+

The first health insurance policy for live-in relations and LGBTQIA+ community members will be available online and offline.

Health insurance policy for live in relations and LGBTQIA

The first health insurance policy for live-in relations and LGBTQIA+ community members will be available online and offline. You will get a total of 11 options that are sum insured, and you can cover 15 members of a family in its ambit. It has been difficult for this part of our community to receive insurance coverage. However, insurance providers looking for USPs in a tough insurance market move towards this path to become unique. Future Generali India Insurance Company is one the top insurance providers in our country and is taking this huge step. The area is unexplored, and Future Generali India Insurance Company is the first to explore it. 

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A Comprehensive Policy

Comprehensive health insurance by the name of FG Health Absolute will launch for these sections of our community. A salient feature of the policy is that it provides insurance coverage for newborns under their mother's policy, cover for cataract and Lasik treatments, OPD cover, mental illness cover, and enhanced vaccination cover. Other inclusions are home healthcare, overseas treatment, infertility treatment, and Rs. 10,000 sums insured during a girl-child birth. The sum insured option will range from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs 100 lakh and can cover 15 family members. You will be able to avail of this at any age as it has no upper limit, which ensures access to healthcare at any point in life. 

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What's The Need?

Insurance experts suggest the health insurance market is bleeding and must infuse innovation and new services to keep afloat. An expert said it is not surprising to see this concept as the market is crowded, and nothing penetrates it while it has a huge potential to grow. He said he expects many more products to enter the Indian insurance market and innovation. He expects insurance providers to be competitive in a market where all insurers look for USPs to acquire new clientele and grow. CEO and managing director Anup Rao, Future Generali India Insurance Company, said they have taken a step forward with this comprehensive insurance policy and are in line with being an inclusive insurer. 

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He said the pandemic had forced people to think about their health and get insured. The healthcare industry is looking for new clients, and the pandemic might have provided that. The policy will include a loyalty program that the customers can use to encash reward points and avail of massive premium discounts, memberships, goods, etc. The wellness program will encourage customers to take happiness and stress checks, with health risk assessments a couple of times a year. They have also included monthly tracking to track the lifestyle and fitness of the customers. 

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